10 Must Have Android Applications

10 Must Have Android Applications

The following Apps are the most Popular and Easiest Apps which will Turn your Android Device into an Automated Machine. These Mentioned Apps will Listen to you and will help you to get out from Difficult Situations Like Notification Sharing to File Sharing.

If you are Confident enough that your App Selection Quality is Good then you Must See these Mentioned Apps, because you may have Some of them but not All of Them. So here are some of the free Applications which will Give you the feeling of Paid Application. Install these Applications on your Android Phone and Tablets as Play Store will Show you the Most Popular Apps but will not Show you these Top 10 Must Have Applications.

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10 Must Have Android Applications

1. Swift-key keyboard

The Name itself Indicates that it is a keyboard application by SwiftKey.  This keyboard will give you many benefits Like different Theme and Styles to your keyboard. It Supports many Languages and the Gestures for the Words are Pretty Much Accurate without adding any Additional App.10 Must Have Android Applications 1

2. Google Drive

Many Uploaders may be aware of this Powerful Application. As it is Quite Simple which will let you Share Various type of file whether it is a Big or a Small file size. It will also help you to get out from Storage Problems. If you are not enough with Google Drive then you can use Microsoft’s One Drive also.10 Must Have Android Applications 2

3. Camera 360

As the Name itself Indicates that it is a Camera Application which will give you the Flexibility from each and every Angle. It will also Give you many Real Time Lightning Condition which Suits Best for your Back Camera and Front Camera . This Application can Adjust not only to your Real Time Photography but enables you to Edit your Previous Shots also.10 Must Have Android Applications 3

4. Screen Off and Lock

Android Devices are designed in such manner that the Power Button and the Button to Lock the Screen are Located at the same Spot which may create some Problem if Used Rapidly. So this Application will give you exactly the Similar Control of Locking your Androids Screen without touching your Power/Lock Screen Button.10 Must Have Android Applications 4

5. Push Bullet

No, it doesn’t fires any Bullet on your Androids but it will fire text, notifications, links and various files between your Android Devices and your PCs. Just Set it up with your Same Email ID and transfer your File and Texts from Android Devices to your Computer/Laptops and Vice-versa. You Don’t need to Connect any USB Cable.10 Must Have Android Applications 5

6. Assistant

You can also consider it as your Personal Assistant for Android Device which will Assist you if you work with it. Assistant will guide you with the help of Internet and will obey your orders Like Making a Call, Setting the Alarm, Voice typing of Messages or even giving Answers to your Several Questions.10 Must Have Android Applications 6

7. Share it

Share it Application will let Let you Share the files of your Android Device to other iPhone/iOS and even on Windows Phone. It will also enable you to Share the various files with your Computer and Laptops also. This Application will Break the Sharing Boundaries of your Android but only if the Share it Application will be installed on other Platforms.10 Must Have Android Applications 7

8. Notification Toggle

If you are not satisfied with the Options which Appear on your Android Notifications when you Drag it Down then this Application will help you to put Some Extra Notifications. Not only the Notifications but it will also enable you to Add Application Shortcuts itself in the Notifications. Sounds Good but is More Better when you will use it.10 Must Have Android Applications 8

9. UC Browser

There are Plenty of Applications available on Play Store which will help you to Surf the Internet, but this UC Browser is More fast and Stable when Compared to other Browsers. Also it will Block Different type of ads which disturbs you all the time when you are Online on your Android. It will also block those annoying Pop ups which Appears on the Web Pages.10 Must Have Android Applications 9

10. Evernote

If you are a Text Lover then you will Surely fall in Love with this Application . As this Application lets you Sync your Notes anywhere you Go. Install the Evernote Application on your Android Devices and Sign up with your Email ID for Accessing your Notes from Any Corner of the World. You can also Use a Similar App by Google known as Google Keep.10 Must Have Android Applications 10

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