10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones

10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones

It doesn’t matters that you are using an Android, iPhone or even a Windows Phone user, you can be Taken Down by any of the Professional Hacker if he likes your Activity. Which means that you Should be Aware while using your Devices. You May be at a Safe Side if you will Consider Some of the Steps Mentioned over here.

It becomes difficult for us to maintain our Mobile Devices Privacy and Security in todays Busy Schedule. In order to get out of this Privacy and Security issues we may get some type of Trackers for our Devices. If you want to Purchase those Expensive Trackers then it’s on you, but they cannot give you the Desired Privacy for your Mobile Devices.


The ways that are mentioned over here are to Make your Android, iOS Devices and Windows Phone Secure and Protected from those Persons who are more interested in others Business. So use these Ways to be Safe while using your Multiple Devices. Remember that You have to take care of Somethings by yourself. So, apply these Tips and Tricks while using your Phones or other Mobile Devices.

10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones

1. Update Apps

Might sound Strange to you but is Effective in Maintaining Privacy of your Devices. To maintain the Privacy of your Devices, you should always Update the Applications of your Device. Also keeping the Applications Up-to-date will help you to take advantage of that Specific Apps Feature and will keep you far away from different Security Holes.10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones 2

Security Holes are the Primary Reason to Update your App. Security Holes are those areas from where anyone can Peep in your Privacy. Updated apps for your Device can help you to get out from those Difficulties. Your specific App may have a Cover of those Security Hole with some New Feature. So to be on a Safe Side, you should always keep your Apps Updated.

2. Public WiFi 

Public Wifi or a Free WiFi are good if you are using them when your Cellular or Home Internet Data Packs are about to Die. It is not a big issue if you use a Public WiFi or a Free WiFi, but while using these WiFi’s you have to be aware of Certain things. 10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones 1

You Should not Click on any of the Links which comes in your browser Automatically without going on any of the Website or Blog. These Links will take your Sensitive information’s and will Auto-Subscribe your Device for some type of Newsletters or a Paid Scheme/Plans.

Your Email ID can also be Misused if you will Access these Public WiFi’s, so in order to be Safe use these WiFi only when you Need it the Most. Plus, be sure that you are Connected with a Reputed and Well Recognized Public WiFi or a WiFi of a Company which has a Good Image.

3. Credit Cards

Considering the Public WiFi, you should avoid doing Transactions on your Device. The Security of your Debit or Credit Card can be at a Stake due to these Public WiFi’s. Also If you do any type of Net Banking from your Device or Various other Transactions then you should Delete your Cache and Temporary files Regularly.

For deleting these type of Cache and Temporary files, you can Install and Use Applications Like Cache Cleaner and Speed Boosters because the Coders and the Hackers are Capable enough to Get the Data even from your Wastes. 

iPhone and iOS Devices: Memory and Disk Scanner
Windows Phone: Super Cleaner

4. Set a Lock Screen and Lock your Apps

Don’t give Access of your Mobile Device to anyone, because people may know the Settings and Various things of your Device which may Create some Privacy and Security Issue. It means that Set a Pattern Lock or a PIN Lock for your Devices from Security Option of the Settings and Share your Device only with the Persons Who you Trust. 

You should also Set passwords for your Applications and Folders which Consists your Confidential Details. Install applications Like App Lock, Folder Lock and Various other Applications which will be available on your Devices App Market.

App Lock and Folder Lock Applications will give you Assurance that nothing will Happen to your Confidential Details even if some person gets Access to your Device. These Locks will Help you the Most when your Device is Stolen or when it Gets Lost. 

Android: App Lock and Folder Lock
iPhone and iOS Devices: Folder Lock
Windows Phone: App Locker and Folder Lock

5. Do not Root or Jailbreak your Device

To get Advanced Features of their Device, Users Root their Androids or Jailbreak their iPhone and iPad’s. It can be Good if you are Less involved in Online Transactions but can create some Problems if you are involved in any kind of Online Business.10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones 4

The Rooted and Jailbreak Device gives you Advanced Features and functions with Improved Users Interface. These Improved UI sometime comes with a Big Risk and can get your Confidential Information. This means that Do Not Root or Jailbreak your Devices if you are involved in too many Transactions with your Clients or Family Members. 

6. Use Device Managers and Trackers

If you are using an iPhone/iOS Devices or Windows Phone then you are Safe in some Ways but if you are using an Android Device then you should be aware of Certain Things. iOS Devices and Windows Phone are capable Enough to Maintain Themselves with iCloud and Microsoft Account. Whereas Androids are also Capable with such type of Protection but needs Manager Applications which may be Recovered in Future Updates.

Android is a free free platform which has different types of Users and this may be the Reason that it is Considered as an Open Platform with Less Restrictions. But, no need to worry about your Devices as Different type of Managers are there if Something Goes Wrong. Before also it is Mentioned that you should Keep a Device Lock, App Lock and Folder Lock for your Devices.
Still, if you want to be at a Safe Side on Android and iPhone/iOS Device then use these Apps. These apps will help you to Remotely Erase you Devices Data, Track your Device, Lock your Device or Ring your Devices at full Volume. Whereas, Windows Phone doesn’t Requires such type of Applications for doing these things.

7. Do not install from Unknown Source

There are Applications Available which will Give you many Benefits and are not available on your App Market. But at the Same Time those applications will try to Take your Devices Information which may Create some Problems in Future. The Devices Information can be anything like your Credit/Debit Card Details, Email ID’s or Information relating to your Account.10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones 7

In order to maintain your Privacy and Security, you should maintain relations with your App Market only. As they gives you the Assurance of avoiding bad things with your Android, iOS and Windows Devices. You will find the most Trust-worthy and Genuine Apps in your App Markets. Whereas 4th-5th Party (Unknown Sources) Applications are not so Secure and Not Up to the Mark according to your App Market.

It is not that you should Completely Abolish the use of this Applications, but install them when you Need them the most and Remove them immediately. Not all of the Applications are like this except some of them, if they are not Removed then they might Start Transmitting your Confidential Data.

8. Manage your Apps

If you are Concerned about your Property then you will know that everything gets Jumbled up if they are not Properly Managed. The same rules is applied on your Androids,iPhone/iOS and Windows Phone also. If you keep on Installing Different type of Applications and don’t keep a Track on them then you may Face some kind of Issues including Storage Problems.

What Actually happens that you Install Applications for your Betterment but some of the apps may transmit your Data in Background without your Consent. Background Data Consumption is actually made to keep your Apps Updated and for other good Purposes, but some of the Applications may Misuse it.

If you have too many Applications installed on your Devices then you may not even know that which of the apps are doing this in Background of your Device. Therefore it is advised that install the Applications which you need the most.

9.  Do not save your Password and other Details

You save the Passwords of your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Various other Accounts but at the same Time you forget that what will happen if it Goes in Wrong Hands. We also save our other details with the Internet thinking that it will be good if we save it Now, to get it as it is after Some Times.10 Ways to Get Secure on your Phones 9

There is nothing Bad in Syncing your Details with Different Internet Services and even on your Devices. But can result into a big Apocalypse if someone have eyes on your Details. So, it is recommended that you dot Save all the Passwords and other Details if you are Worried about your Privacy and Security.

10. VPN

Last but very effective way to keep your Androids, iPhone/iOS and Windows Devices safe from Different type of Hunters (Hackers) out there who hunts Devices. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are the most Secure Servers which protects your Internet Devices.

If you have Rooted your Device or if you are worried about the Transactions from your Phone or if you are facing other type of Internet Difficulties then you can use a VPN for your Mobile Device. By installing and using the VPN Applications, your Network will go Private and you will be Safe from those Internet Hunters.

If you are Searching for the Best VPN Provider for your Android Device, iPhone/iOS or Windows Phone then install the VyprVPN. VyperVPN will give you PPTP, Open VPN, IP Security and other Such Service with a Wide Reach. It has a reach of over 60 Countries and also have Support for Linux and Different Routers also.


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