2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs

2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs

Now you can easily Check the Processors, Motherboard, Ram, Graphics Card, Hard Disks Temperature of your Central Processing Units (CPU). This Method focuses on CPUs Temperature whether it is Intel and AMD x64 or x86 Bit Machines.

Many of the Devices are added to a PC to make it work Perfectly. No Matter what Configuration your Computer or Laptops may have, it has to deal with Electricity. It is a Basic Necessity of the Machine and where there is Electricity,  Temperature is Associated with it.

The Need for Checking the Temperature of a CPU doesn’t arise all the Time, but when you perform Certain Crucial activities like Rendering Animations, Converting, Cutting, Splitting, Merging of different Audio & Video Files and even Playing Big Games with HD Animations, then at that time you Might feel to Check the Temperature.

The various Parts of a PC are not used often but when are used, the Cores and different Major Part Gets Involved in it. New Machines with Good configuration Handles the Temperature Problem if they have ‘Water Coolers’ and other types of Air Ventilation Devices in their CPUs.

Whereas, some of the Machines needs to ‘Stop’ their Activities when the Temperature Goes High.

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Whatever the Reason may be to Check Intel or AMD Machines Temperature, the question is how to check it. There are Two ways to do it. First one is by Running a Software and the Second one is  by doing it Manually, by Going in BIOS or CMOS.

Installing or by Running an Application to see the Details of CPU is most effective which enables to Check the Machines Temperature while doing other works. As far as the Manual Method is done by going in your BIOS settings but is the most Reliable Method and will show you all the Current Temperatures of a CPU.

Note: Even If the all the Software/Application fails to Check the Temperatures, the ‘BIOS’ or ‘CMOS’ Mode will Definitely help you.

Requirements to Check the Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs:

  1. Any Operating System.
  2. Intel or AMD Processors.
  3. x86 & 64 Bit Computer & Laptops.

2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs

1st Way: By Running a Software/Application

Step 1: Download and Install the following Softwares in your Intel or AMD Machine. Following Discrimination is done on the Basis of Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) of the Processors but you can Install them any Machine to Test.

Intel Processors

ALCPU Core Temp

Real Temp

AMD Processors


Open Hardware Monitor – Works better on x86 Linux OS.

Step 2: Now just Install or Extract the Softwares to Start Inspecting the Temperatures of your CPU.2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs 12 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs 22 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs 3

2nd Way: Check in BIOS or CMOS

Step 1: To enter in your BIOS or CMOS Mode, you have to Restart the PC and Press any one of the following Keys on Start-up of the Machine, if you don’t know the Key to enter your ‘BIOS’ or ‘CMOS’ Mode.




Delete (Del)

Esc2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs 4

Step 2: When the Blue Screen of Bios or CMOS comes up, Search for ‘PC Health Status’ or ‘PC Temperature’ to Chek the Status of your PC.2 Ways to Check Temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs 5

These are the Easiest ways to Chek the CPU Temperature of any Windows and Linux Based Computer and Laptops. As it is mentioned earlier also, if any Software/Application doesn’t work for you, then BIOS or CMOS are there for you.

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