2 Ways to Increase Ram of your Windows PC

2 Ways to Increase Ram of your Windows PC

If you are wondering that how anyone can Increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) of their PCs running with Microsoft Windows OS, that too without adding any Extra Hardware in their Systems? Wait! It’s not that only they can do it, you can also do it with some free space of your Hard Disks or your USB.

Increasing RAM of your Computer or Laptops is nothing but one type of Enhancement in your current RAM Speed. Many of the users out there face difficulties in their Multiple Processes which can be covered by Increasing their Operating Speed. This Operating Speed can be increased by the ‘Paging File Size‘ of a Hard Disk or through using unused memory 0f your USB Drives.

In today’s world where we have tons and tons of Memory in our PCs and we also have extra USB Drive with us, then why don’t we use them as an extra RAM. You will be benefitted by adding these ‘Paging Memories‘ as extra memories. if you are facing any memory issues on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or on any other Versions of Windows Operating System.

An unused space of your Hard Disk/Dive can be used as a ‘Virtual Memory‘ of your Windows Computer or Laptop. And in this Situations, a Page Cache plays a Vital Role in Speeding up the Processes of your HDD/SSD. So, you can use this Power to Speed up the Processes of your RAMs. 

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There are two ways to Increase the Paging File Size of any Computer or Laptop, first one is by allocating some Specific amount of MBs in your Hard Disk/Drive and the Second one is by allocating a Specific amount of MBs on USB Drives through ‘ReadyBoost‘ utility wich are also called as ‘Disk Cache Service‘. These 2 Ways doesn’t adds actual RAM but has the capacity to Fulfill the Processing needs as per the Size Allocated.

However, both the Methods are not so difficult to Implement and it is not that Memory used for Implementing RAM cannot be used for other Purposes, you can Revert the Changes. So, sit back and Relax if you have any RAM issues, just follow the mentioned Steps and you will get ‘Additional Virtual Memory‘.


  1. Computer or Laptop with windows OS. (Obvious)
  2. Free Space on Hard Disks.
  3. Free Space on USB Disks. 

2 Ways to Increase Ram of your Windows PC

1st Way: By using Hard Disks

Step 1: Right Click on ‘My Computer’ & select Properties or directly go to ‘System Properties’ from Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Then Click on ‘Advance System Settings’.

Step 3: Now in System Properties you have to select ‘Advanced tab’.

Step 4: Then click on ‘Settings’ which is under ‘Performance’.

Step 5: Select ‘Performance Option’ and then you have to select ‘Advanced’ tab.

Step 6: Now click on ‘change’ which is under ‘Virtual Memory’.

Step 7: Then Uncheck ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers’ and select ‘Custom size’.

Step 8: Now Select Custom Size and enter the amount of data according to your Space availability.

Step 9: Then Click on ‘set’ button and Click on OK.2 Ways to Increase Ram of your Windows PC 1

Step 10: Now it may ask you to restart your Computer or Laptop. Perform the action and Start Enjoying the new Speed.

2nd Way: By using USB Disks

Step 1: Insert your USB Drives/Flash Drives/USB Disks and go to its Properties by Right clicking on it or in it.

Step 2: Now click on ‘ReadyBoost’ tab.

Step 3: Then select ‘Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost’ or ‘Use this Device’.

Step 4: Now adjust the Scrollbar according to your need or leave it to Maximum Size for its full use.2 Ways to Increase Ram of your Windows PC 2

Note: Select ‘Do not use this device’ to Remove the ReadyBoost Utility.

This is the best Way to Increase the Performance of any Windows OS Computer and Laptop. A Virtual Memory plays a Vital role in Performing Tasks and you must have these allocations made in your Hard Disks & USB Drives if you are facing any Memory Issues. These are the most Reliable ways to Increase the Paging Sizes of your Virtual Memory and can be reverted back to its original state without any Problems.

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