21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC

21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC

Keyboard Plays a Vital Role while Typing any document and it is also useful while Performing certain activities of Windows PC. Keyboard Shortcuts makes the Work or Entertainment more easier if you know that which 1 is to be used at what Time. Use these Known and Unknown Keyboard Shortcuts that are mentioned here and be One Step ahead in Operating your Microsoft Windows.

You may know some of the Shortcuts but not all of them. Also if you are concerned about the Privacy and Security like hiding your Activities while using your PCs then you should be aware of these Shortcuts. These Keyboard Shortcuts will not only help you in Operating your PCs, but will also help you in Typing your Document or Notes Quickly. So, if you want want to Save your valuable time during such activities then you should have a Look on these 21 Keyboard Shortcuts for your Windows PCs.

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21 Known and Unknown Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC

1. Windows key + 1, 2, 3, … 9

This Keyboard Shortcut lets you Open the items that you have Pinned on the Start Bar of your Windows Computer and Laptop. Also it will Open the Tabs that are currently running on your Start Bar. Hold the Windows Key of your Keyboard and Press 1, 2, 3, … till 9 one by one to Open the Tabs which will are on your Start Bar. Remember that these keys are above your qwerty keys & not the Number Keys.

2. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Remember the Old Days when your Computer Stopped working or when a Particular Application stopped Responding to your Clicks, at that time you were forced to Eliminate that Programme by Alt + Ctrl + Delete button. This works for now also but there is some change in the Plan.

Still now Alt + Ctrl + Delete button works the same way but also gives you some Unwanted Options and if you are in hurry then you might mess up. Use the new Shortcut to Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your Window Desktop or Laptops.2

3. Windows + t

Oho ! This one is Quite Awesome if you are using the Microsoft Windows Versions which were released after Win 7. When you Press & Hold Windows key along with the T keyword of your Keyboard you will be able to see the Tabs which are Minimized or which are Currently Present on the Start Bar and Hit Enter to Open when the tab is Focused.3

4. Alt + Tab

This Shortcut can be regarded as the Traditional Window Shifter and is used from many years & most of the users may be aware of this Shortcut. This Shortcut is same as Windows Key + L Keyword but gives you an extra alert Screen which shows that these many Applications are Open and you can access them by pressing the ‘Tab’ button while holding the ‘Alt’ Keyword when the focus is on your Application.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 4

5. Windows + d

This Shortcut is Mainly for your Privacy and Easy Access of Windows PC. When you will Hold Windows Key along with the D Keyword of your Keyboard, all of the Windows will Minimize in one shot. Also if you want to Maximize those Applications Window then again Press the Windows Key + D Keyword of your Keyboard.

6. Windows + l

If you Log-off your Windows Computer or Laptop Frequently then this Shortcut is made for you. When you will Press and Hold the Windows Key with the L Keyword of your Keyboard, you will be Logged-off from your PC. This is the most easy and short way to Log off.

7. F1 and F2

Manually selecting a file and Right Clicking on that file to Rename it can be frustrating if you have too many files on your PC. Instead, you can also Tap F2 by selecting a file and that file will be Ready to get Renamed. This will make your Rename Process easy if you have too many files or folders. Just Select your files by using your arrow keys and press F2 again and again of your keyboard, if you have the Job to Rename Plenty of files. On the other hand, F1 will show you Help Topics and User Manuals of Specific Applications.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 7

8. F3 and Ctrl + F

Ctrl + F is regarded as the most traditional way to Find any thing from your Computer or Laptop, Web Page of Browsers, Notepads and even from the documents of Word file. Ctrl + F and F3 keyword does exactly the Same Job of Finding the files and keywords, it does’t matters that what you choose from them for Finding.

9. F5

If you Refresh your Windows Computer and Laptops all the time to see that the New changes have been Applied or Not ? then Press F5 Keyword of your Keyboard in Short. The F5 Key is the most Popular one and is useful also. First the F5 key was given the Authority only to Refresh the Windows Desktop, but Later due to its Increasing Demand the F5 Key is Used in every single Application of Microsoft Windows.

10. F6 and F11

If you have messed up with your mouse then F6 will help you to Select different regions of File Explorer and even other Applications. Whereas, F11 Keyword will help you to quickly show your Applications in Full Screen by hiding those extra Menu Bars and the Start Bar. 

11. F10 and Alt + F

Both Shortcuts are same but Alt + F can be used anywhere on your Windows PC. Whereas, the F10 can be used only in your File Explore and other Native applications of Microsoft Windows. So, Press Alt + F or F10 to open the File Menu and other Menus for all of the Windows Applications.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 11

12. Ctrl + backspace

This Shortcut is the most useful one, if you are a Professional Typist or even if you are Learning to type on Windows PC. By holding Ctrl + Backspace together will enable you to Rub the whole Word instead of Deleting single Characters of a Word. If you don’t know about this one then Start Using it because this can save plenty of your time when there are too many Words to Remove. Except of MS Word and Notepad, this shortcut can be used anywhere on your Windows PC.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 12

13. Sift + delete

Deleting your Files and then Emptying your Recycle Bin can be a Tedious Task when there may be Too many files or when the files are Large in Size. By Simply Deleting the Files from your PC moves them to Recycle Bin, which means that the Memory of that File Shifts from one dive to other. Instead of moving the files to Recycle Bin all the time, you can Press Shift + Delete Keyword on your Keyboard to Permanently Remove that file from your Windows PC.

14. Ctrl + z, x, c, v

When you will Press Ctrl with these four letters then they stand for these Shortcuts:21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 14

Z = Undo
X = Cut
C = Copy
V = Paste

You can use these Shortcuts one by one while Editing or Writing any Document and these shortcuts can also be used when you will do some changes with the files of your PC also. So that you can easily Cut, Copy or Paste your Windows File and Documents by using these Shortcuts.

15. Page Up + page Down

Most Rarely used by many Window users but can be useful while Reading or Writing Word files, PDF files, Web Pages and many other type of Files. This Keyboard Shortcut will give you freedom from Scrolling when your Page has too many words. These Keys are Located next to Delete button.

16. Home & End

It works like Page Up and Page Down but will give you good Control while Editing or Viewing the Documents. If you want to finish your work quickly or when you get tired by using your Mouse for changing the focus from Point A to Point B, remember that you have you have Home and End keys.

17. Shift + Enter

Another amazing shortcut for text Lovers which will give them the Authority to leave little space in their Documents. Similarly, Pressing Enter while writing any document leaves a Big Space between two Lines, but using Alt with Enter Keyword of your Keyboard will leave less Space when compared to Enter.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 17

18. Ctrl + Spacebar + Arrow Keys

The Selection Process of various files are done when you Hold the Ctrl button of Keyboard by Clicking on a file that you want. But this Process creates Extra Copies of the file if they are moved Mistakenly and further if you scroll up or down then you may get Confused.

In order to avoid such confusions, use the Ctrl key and hit Spacebar to Select your file along with Arrow Keys to Navigate Across the Page. This shortcut is useful when you use Laptops or PCs which have small Screens.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 18

19. Alt + Enter

If you always keep an eye on Files of your Computer and Laptops regarding their Sizes and the Space they Occupy, then this Shortcut will Immediately give you the files or your PCs Properties. Instead of Manually Selecting and going in the Properties of files and PCs, Press Alt along with Enter Keyword to see Properties of a file.

20. Windows + Home or Shake it.

If you have kept opened many Applications Window on your PC then Press Windows Key with Home Key of your Keyboard. This Shortcut will Minimize Rest of the Applications window except the one which is selected. Again to Maximize other Applications Window, Press Widows Key + Home key of your Keyboard or you can Shake your Current Window from Left to Right.21 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC 20

21. Alt + F4

Despite being used by Many many years, still works the Best. Instead of Moving your Cursor on Close Option of any Applications Window, press Alt + F4 for Instantly closing that Window. It also doesn’t matters that how many times you use this Shortcut and when you use it.

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