7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android

7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android

Android Settings are Already tuned for Heavy Use which Doesn’t Lets you Down, even if there are Several Challenges in front of that Green Bot. But you can Adjust the Additional Settings of your Android Devices, if you want to Take the Full Advantage of your Android Device.

Android Smartphones and Tablets are more Easy and Comfortable than other Devices which are Available in the Market. With being Easy and Convenient, it also provides other Services which are really hard to Find and are very rare with other devices. Seriously when Compared to Other Devices which has the Similar Features, Android is Still Topping the Charts.

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So, Make your Androids more Fast and Make it Look more Nice than it was Before without Downloading and Installing any of the Additional Application. Also Remember that these Changes are not Limited to Certain Android Versions, it can be used on any of your Android Smartphones and Tablets.


  1. Android Phone or Tablet.
  2. Any Version of Android.
  3. Wireless Headphones. (Optional)

7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android

1. WiFi Sleep:

If you are Using your Androids WiFi from Several Hours or If you Use your WiFi Very Rare and Forget to Turn Off the WiFi then you Should Set a Timer for your Androids WiFi. It will also Help you to Save the Internet Data and will help you to Preserve the Power of your Lovely Android Devices. But Remember that when you will Download Large Files which will take Long Time and may be Bigger in Size or you have Slow or Moderate Internet Speed then Disable this feature at that time.

Step 1: Open the Menu Drawer of your Android and Tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Open your WiFi and Tap on ‘Advanced’ which will be Under ‘WiFi Options’.

Step 3: Now just Select ‘Never’ or ‘Only When plugged in Charger’ which will be in ‘Keep WiFi on During Sleep ‘.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 1

2. Screen Timeout:

You will be Familiar with this One, but Maintaining it will help you to Save your Precious Battery Life. So I will Recommend you to Set it for 1 Minute, as it will not get Locked Frequently and if you are a Casual Android User then it will Save your Lot of your Battery.

Step 1: Open your Settings and Tap on ‘Display’.

Step 2: Now you Should Set the ‘Sleep/Screen Timeout’ for 1 Minute or Maximum for 2 Minutes.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 2

3. Owner Information:

The Third One is Pretty Awesome which will Enable you to Write your Own Information on the Lock Screen of your Smartphone or Tablets. Write the Whole Address of your Home or Just write your Email address including your Contact Number or Just write a Slogan or a Thought for yourself. Write Anything over here as there is Standard Limit for Texts.

Step 1: Open your Android Devices Setting and Tap on Security.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Owner Info ‘ which will be below ‘Screen Lock’ Option. 

Step 3: Now just Mark ‘Show Owner Info on Lock Screen’ and Write anything in the Text Box.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 3

4. Power Button Ends Call

Many of the Time, we forgot to Disconnect our Phone Call and you may get in Trouble if the Receiver is Still on the line and Listening to your Conversations. You will loose your talk-time Balance and A Confusion will also be Created in Minds of the Receiver. So to keep all those things away, because Androids have given you the Power to Disconnect your Ongoing Phone Call by Pressing your Power Button. To Do that:

Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’  of your Android and Tap on ‘Accessibility’.

Step 2: Now just Mark the Option of ‘Use Power to Disconnect your Calls’.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 4

5. Animation Scale

Animation Scale of your Android Devices are Set to Normal Scale when you get your Android Device. But these Animation Scale can be Made More Fast in order to Make your Android Devices more Cool and Interesting. For Enhancing your Windows Animation Scale, you just have to Enable your ‘Developer Options’.

If you are confused that How you can Enable your ‘Developer Options’, then Go in your ‘Android Settings’ and Open ‘About Phone/Device’. Now Rapidly Tap 7 to 8 Times on ‘Build Number’. A new Option for Developers will be Enabled above ‘About Phone/Device’ and Now to Adjust your Animation Scale:

Step 1: Open your Settings and Scroll down to Open ‘Developers Option’.

Step 2: Scroll down and Select ‘0.5 x’ for these three Option.

  • Window Animation Scale.
  • Transition Animation Scale.
  • Animator Duration Scale.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 5

6. Background Apps Limit

You will get the Freedom from those Application which Consume your Resources Like Battery, Ram Memory, etc. if you will Have the Limits to your Background Process. Many of the Application and Games are Left opened on your Androids which consumes your Various Processes. Again to Set the Apps Limit, you have to Enable your ‘Developer Options’ and for that, read the Previous Head of ‘Animation Scale’.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ and Open the ‘Developer Options’.
Step 2: Scroll Down to Bottom and Tap on ‘Background Process Limits’.
Step 3: Select ‘2 Process at Same Time’ which is Good. You can Set it to 3-4 also or as per your Requirements.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 6

7. Lock-screen Widget

Its a Very Useful Widget helper which will Enable you to set Widget Directly on the Lock-screen of your Androids. Always keep an eye on your Facebook, Twitter or other Application without Opening the Lock-screen of your Androids. Swipe your Lock-screen to Left or Right to See your Widget. Android Versions after KitKat are Authorized for this but can be done on Other Versions if they are Updated.

Step 1: Open your Android Settings and Tap on Security.

Step 2: Now Mark ‘Enable Widgets’ to Set widgets on your Lock-screen.7 Changes to be Made in Settings of Android 7

After Applying these Settings, you will be able to Make your Androids Look More Cool and it will be More Useful. If you Know other Such Ways to make make your Android Useful then Mention it here.

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