7 Things to do after Installing Windows OS


Installing Microsoft’s Windows Operating System on your Computer or Laptop is not enough to get the Full Advantage of Windows OS. You have to Apply some Changes and at the same time you have to Install Some Applications/Softwares also to Unleash the Windows Depths & to improve the Windows Experience.

Over 10 Million Copies are Installed in a year of Microsoft Windows and many of them are not even Counted also. According to the Statistics, every 7th user among 10 Users are Windows Operators. Not only Considering the demand and popularity of Windows OS, Windows also give their users more demanding Feature and Advantages that are useful as compared to other Operating Systems.

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Many people think that Installing or Updating to Microsoft’s Windows OS is enough for using their Computer and Laptops. But there are many other things that you should do to make your Windows OS more powerful and useful. So, here are some of the Changes to do in your newly Installed Windows OS along with some Software/Applications in order to take the full advantage of Windows OS.

Things to do after Installing Windows OS

1. Installing the Drivers

The first and the most important thing that after Installing any version of Windows OS is that you should Install or Update the Drivers of your PC. These are the most required Software Applications which are first Contacted by your Computers when you are able to perform the activities like Listening Music, Playing Movies and doing other work on different Applications and for doing many thing your Drivers are Contacted.

Even if you have Drivers Installed on your PC, then also you should update your Drivers for Betterment of your Computer and Laptops. You can Install the Drivers from the CD/DvD which was provided to you with your PC or you may Download the Drivers of your Windows from their Official Sites or you can either Install them with Manually from your Windows.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 1

Intel Drivers

AMD Drivers

Update all the Drivers of any PC

2. Installing Graphics

The Second Step after after Installing the Drivers of your new Windows PC can be regarded as Updating its Graphic Card. Though Installing the Drivers itself includes Updation of Graphics but it will be good if you do it Separately. It means that you check your Graphic Cards Version on its Manufacturers Website for the Latest Version of Graphics.

It is important because not only the Graphics are used by the Games, some Software Applications also require it to Render Animations and Application of your Windows PC. You can do it in Official Way or you may go for Manual Way also.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 2

NVIDIA Graphics

AMD ATI Graphics

Update graphic card officially on Windows

3. AntiVirus and AntiMalwares

This Part can be Termed as the most Confusing Part as there are plenty of applications available in the Market which will give you Various Assurance that they will do this and that. Different Features and GUI doesn’t matters, the only thing that matters is Performance. AntiVirus should be alone Enough to remove different type of Viruses, Malwares, Adware, Spyware and many other different bugs which try to harm your Windows Computing.

Also one more thing that is to be kept in mind that you should Install a particular Antivirus until you Install another OS, else it messes up with first Antivirus Program. Here are some of the Trust-Worthy Antivirus and AntiMalwares.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 3






4. Reading and Writing Applications

Even-though there is a Notepad Application Installed in your new Windows for Basic use, but is not enough for Big Documents. Documents like Word,PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and this type of many more documents require Additional Software/Applications to Read & Write Documents.

Further, here are some of the Best Software/Applications to Read & Write your Important Documents, you can Install some other Application also if you want.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 4

Microsoft Office

Adobe Reader – PDF

Foxit PDF Reader

5. Video and Audio Applications

Windows Media Player is Installed with your Windows Operating Systems but you can also Install Additional Applications for Playing different Audio and Video files. There are Various Formats of these Multimedia file and many of them are Emerging also.

Because of the Multiple format of Audio and Video files, there is a Big Confusion among users that which 1 will be Best for them. Here are some of the Useful Audio and Video Applications/Softwares which will Support different formats also.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 5

VLC Player

K-Lite Codec Pack and Player




6. Compression and Archive Applications

Compression and Archiving Software are the most important Part of today’s Computing World. Don’t be confused with the names as they Play a Vital Role in Saving your Precious Space and keeping different type of files together in one place by Zipping or Unzipping them. 

If you are a Professional User or if you are a Newbie of Windows OS then also you will need these Applications to work with Zip, Rar or many other Compressed files. It will also be good even if you want to Encrypt or Compress your file for Saving Space or Managing different type of files.7-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-os 6


7 Zip

7. Browsers

Even though you will get Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge with your Windows Operating Systems. But if you are a Massive User of Internet then the Pre-Installed browsers will not be enough for you. Further, there is no limit on how many Browsers are Installed in your PC and it doesn’t Messes-up with each other as AntiVirus do.

It’s on you that which browser you will like for Browsing the Web. Here are some of the Best Browsers to Fulfill you Web Surfing needs on your Windows OS which are used from over the years and you may Install all of them or any one of them also:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


These are the most useful Drivers and Softwares and are the Basic and Useful Applications which will help you in Operating your Windows OS smoothly. You may Install some other Applications/Softwares on your New Windows PC if you don’t like Mentioned Applications but if you Install these Applications then also you will be ready to use your New Windows PC.

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