7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome can be Said as the Best Web Browser to Surf the Web, we are not saying this but the Statistics are Showing that Google Chrome is more in Demand and is Giving Lot of Services which other Browsers are finding Difficult. The Services like Resume Download Capability, Syncing of the Bookmarks, Passwords, Account Details, Browsing History, Auto-fill details and many more features are Added with Google Chrome.

First there was Mozilla Firefox with this Advantage, but is Now Taken-over by Google Chrome which is because of its Various Services. Other Web Browsers also give these type of Services like Account Sync but Lacks due to other Options. So, we would Like to Give you Some Tweaks about Google Chrome Browser to Make your Fast Browser More Faster.

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Google Chrome is not Just said that it is Best Browser only because the Google Name is attached with it. If you are using Google Chrome Browser then you will be Familiar with kind of Services that Chrome Provide to their users and if you are using it with your Google Account then you will Get the Best of Chrome Browser. Due to these Reasons we would Like to Show you 7 Ways to Make your Fast Browser more Faster.

Requirements to Speed up your Google Chrome:

  1. Any OS on your Computers or Laptops.
  2. Chrome Browser.
  3. Stable Internet Connection.
  4. License from NASA. (Optional)

How to Speed Up Google Chrome

1st Way: Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings are the Major Controls which determines the Speed of your Google Chrome Browser. First of all, we don’t have to worry much about our Privacy while Surfing online on Google Chrome. As this Browser gives Privacy to Some Extent. So Unmark all the Settings in it, except these Two.

  1. Open your Chrome Browser and Navigate to Settings, which is on Top-Right Corner of the Browser under those three Lines.
  2. Now Scroll Down and Open the Advanced Settings.
  3. Unmark all the Options over there Except these two –
  • Prefetch Pages to Load More Quickly.
  • Enable Phishing and Malware Protection.7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome 1

2nd Way: Disable Extensions

Your Google Chrome Extensions Plays an Important role in Enhancing your Internet Viewing Experience. You may love your Extensions which you know are usefull but at the same time there may be Extensions that you have never used, means they have been installed without your Permissions and have left it in Extensions. So to make your Google Chrome fast, you have to delete those unused Extensions from your Chrome Browser.

  1. For that, Go to the Settings which will be under the three lines icon at top-Right corner of you Browser and Click on Settings then Navigate to Extensions Option.
  2. Then Disable and Delete all the Extension that are Useless.7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome 2

3rd Way: Resume Capability

Yes you are thinking right that Google Chrome has the ability to Resume the Download of your Precious File. The Resume Capability can give your File Back which was interrupted by Some Reasons on Google Chrome after you Restart your Browser, thus Saving your Time. By default, this Service is Disabled but you can Enable it if you want as it will act like Download Managers for Google Chrome.

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and Type ‘ chrome://flags/ ‘ in the Address Bar.
  2. Now Press ‘Ctrl + F’ on your Keyboard and Search for ‘ enable download resumption ‘.
  3. Then Enable the Resumption Option and Restart your Google Chrome to Apply the Changes.Resume File Download on Google Chrome 1

4th Way: Disable Plugins

Plugins also plays a Major Role in Determining the Speed for your Chrome Browser on your PC. Most of the Application/Softwares installed on your PC have their own Plugins which gets installed in your Browser Automatically when your Software gets Installed. If you are using that Application’s Plugin then it is Fine, but if you are not using that Plugin from your Chrome Browser then Disable it.

Note: Your Application will not be affected if you remove the Plugin of that Application.

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and type “chrome://plugins” in the Address Bar.
  2. Now Disable all of the Plugins that are of no use. But keep in mind that Some of the Plugins are System Default.7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome 4

5th Way: Remove History, Cache and Cookies

You will be familiar with these terms as History keeps the Records of your Internet Surfing and Cookies & Caches are Stored in your Browsers Memory, so that there should be No Problem when you View Some Specific Website. However Cache and Cookies are Meant to help your Browsers File Catching Speed but when there are too Much of this Cookies, Cache and History – they can Slow Down your Chrome Browser. So if you want to Delete your History,Cache, Cookies, Passwords, Auto-fill Data and many other Useless Details then you should do this:

  1. Open the Settings of your Google Chrome and Click on Show Advanced Settings.
  2. Now in Privacy Click on ”Clear Browsing Data’ Button.
  3. Then Select the Removal Time and Mark the Various Options that you want to Remove.
  4. When you Select your History, Cache or Passwords to be Removed then you should Click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ Button.7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome 5

6th Way: Ram Size

Google Chrome is Designed to use Some amount of RAM, which is used by your Computer or Laptops. However if you Delete your Cache, Cookies and other Data from Time to Time then you can use your Google Chrome without any Lag. If you still want to Increase the Size of your Google Chrome RAM then you can do it easily by doing Some adjustments in your Chrome Flag Settings.

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and Type ‘ chrome://flags/ ‘ in the Address Bar.
  2. Now Press ‘Ctrl + F’ on your Keyboard and Search for ‘Maximum files for Interest Areas’.
  3. Then Select the Maximum Size or Any Size according to your Needs and Restart your Google Chrome to Apply the New Changes.

7th Way: Updates

You Should Regularly Update your Chrome Browser Because Sometime an outdated Browser also can give Slow Speed. Since 2014 Google Chrome has came with the Feature of Auto-Update, but if Still you are able to check it then you can Manually do it.

  1. Click on Settings of your Google Chrome and Navigate to ‘About Google Chrome’.
  2. Now you will be able to See your Chrome Browsers Latest Version and if any version is available then it will Show to Download it for your PC.7 Ways to Speed up your Google Chrome 7


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