8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone

8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone

Thinking that your Windows Phone is not so good as compared to Android or Apple iPhone can be your bigger mistake. Windows Phone provide many things that can easily solve your problems which Apple and Android finds difficult.

Having a brand new or old Windows Phone doesn’t matter with the Tips and tricks which you are going to apply. Windows Phone have lots of hidden feature and advantages which are available on Android with the help of rooting and are available for Apple iPhone by Jailbreaking which voids the warranty of the devices. Let’s take a look on these Tips & Tricks of Windows Phone:

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8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone

1. Quick Capital Letters

     Typing on your Windows Phone can be so much faster, if you aware with this trick. While typing, you may highlight a word and tap the Shift key to capitalize the first letter or some other word. Tap the shift key for second time (two times) and it will capitalize the whole word. Holding the Shift key will turn-on the caps-lock mode.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 1


2. Navigation Key’s → Vibration

     Windows Phone has 3 main buttons on its screen – which is the back button, the home button (Windows logo) and the search button. These buttons will vibrate as you tap them. If you feel that the vibration is kind of annoying or you simply want to switch it off for whatever reason, go to Settings → Touch and turn off ‘Windows key Vibration’.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 2


3. Remove Notifications Quickly

     You can remove Phone notifications just by swiping your finger from left to right or right to left of each notification item. But, sometimes you can have plenty of notifications that will tired up your fingers. In that case, use 2 fingers to swipe all of them away in one shot.

4. Action Center Shortcut

     Already there are 4 short-cuts activated in the Action Center of your Windows Phone, but a Windows Phone with a wider screen will have 5 short-cuts. Configure the short-cuts with the ones that you frequently need most with Settings → Notification+action menu. Tap on one of the current short-cuts, and select another on the list as the substitute.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 4


5. Shutter Sound

     While taking pictures or taking screenshots on your Windows Phone, you hear the Shutter sound that is similar to the sound like a real camera makes. Which is quite awkward if you do it when you are surrounded by a number of peoples. However, you can turn this sound-off, go to the Settings → ringtones+sound and unmark the Camera shutter.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 5

6. Move Media files to SD Card

     If you have media files that are taking up a lot of internal storage, it’s better to move that files to the SD Card. To do so, go to Settings → Storage Sense. Select that where you want to store your media files and other Data’s.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 6

7. Set-up Cortana

     Cortana can help you call or text a specific person by calling his/her name. Alternatively, you can also call the nickname. So, instead of call ‘Sam’, you may simply tell Cortana to call ‘best friend’, that will be fine. Go to the Cortana’s Notebook → select the Inner Circle option and select the the person from the contact list to be assigned for a nickname – you can assign up to 3 nicknames.8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 7

8.Projecting Screen

     You can project Windows Phone Screen to your TV or to your PC screen. This can be very useful for creating a tutorial or demonstrating from your Windows Phone in a presentation. To do this, you will have to install Project My Screen. Connect Windows Phone to PC with USB, and start projecting the screen through the Settings → Project My Screen. Additionally, you can turn on the Show touch option to show your finger position on the PC screen with a dot.

Note: This is only applicabale in Windows Phone 8.1.

This Tips and Tricks are usefull on your Windows Phone as these Tips and Tricks will make your Windows Phone more easier.

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