How to Add Extra Notifications on Android

How to Add Extra Notifications on Android

If you are missing some of your favourite Notification Shortcuts or if you want to add an App’s Shortcuts in your Notifications? then you can do it easily by executing some minor change in your Status Bar of Android. Notification Shortcuts are getting reduced with each every Release of Android and at that time, you may need to add their Shortcuts.

Android is regarded as more Easy and Reliable Operating System that a Mobile Device should have, and it get fits in the Budget also. However, there are Plenty of variations in the Price Range and anyone can Purchase according to their Preferences, which is usually avoided by most of the Mobile Device Manufacturers.

As far as Android OS is concerned, in their each and every Release, some of the New Features are added in it. But along with some of its New feature, there is Removal of some Bugs (errors) and useless applications also. Whereas, these Notification shortcuts are very difficult to change and in Most of the Versions they cannot be touched also.

Well, many of the users understand that there might be some reason behind this type of Addition and Removal, whereas others are only concerned with their facility, and why not – they have Paid for it. So, if you are also concerned with Adding Extra Notification Shortcuts in the Status Bar of your Android Device then you can do it Easily.

One more thing: You don’t have to Root your Android for doing this.

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There were plenty of Applications for adding Notification Shortcuts on Android Devices, but were not Reliable and Up to the Mark as ‘Notification Toggle‘. Notification Toggle is not only Simple to use but is more Reliable than other Applications which claims to add Extra Notification Shortcuts for free.

Just Install this Application and start using your Notification Shortcuts by doing some minor changes in this App. These changes can be done by anyone and does not requires you to Root your Android Device, you can apply it easily on any of the Unrooted Device. Most Interesting thing about this App is that it can Add a Shortcut of your favorite Game & App in Status Bar for quick access.


  1. Android Device.
  2. Version: 4.0+
  3. You may also try on Previous Versions of Androids.

How to Add Extra Notifications on Android

Step 1: Download and Install Notification Toggle on your Android Devices. If you have any type of difficulty then get it from here and Update it later.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: Now open the App & swipe to left for Selecting the Shortcuts that you want in your Notifications. You may mark one CheckBox as it is enough for adding a Single Toggle bar on your Status Bar.How to Add Extra Notifications on Android 1

Step 3: If you are not enough with the available Shortcuts then you may add the Shortcut of any Specific App.How to Add Extra Notifications on Android 2

Step 4: You can also set the Colors & Icons of your Shortcuts.How to Add Extra Notifications on Android 3

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