AntiMalware or AntiVirus for a Mobile Device


Having an Android or a iPhone/iOS Device then the Major and the most appealing Topic that arises while using them is that weather you should use an AntiVirus or a Malware Remover. But, it doesn’t matters that which Device you are using, Viruses and Malwares are always Ready to Attack them.

Considering this Topic, there is Lot of Confusion among many of the users that which Application is better for their Devices, weather an AntiMalware or an Antivirus ? In order to clear this Confusion among those Users, ‘TricksNow’ would like to give you some important Advice on different type of AntiMalware and Antiviruses. Let us take a Brief Survey that how these AntiViruses and AntiMalwares actually do when they are initiated and What they Stand for ?

AntiVirus: You might be familiar that what is Basic purpose of an AntiVirus. But a Point is to be Noted that Now-a-Days AntiVirus have became more powerful by giving you some Extra features for your Device like Removing Viruses(Threats), Protection & Privacy from use of Social Sites, Scanning Websites for Malicious Contents, Killing Tasks that Freezes-up your Devices, Monitoring Battery Level, Managing Storage Space, Anti-Theft and many more Services are offered.

AntiMalware: It is not that different from AntiViruses but Concentrates only on Removal of the Malwares from your Device. This is the point where most of the User gets confused that which one is right for them. Some more purpose of AntiMalware are Removal of Spywares, Detecting Trojans and other Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) before they steal your identity, eavesdrop or degrade your Mobile Experience which are usually found in Androids. In short, AntiMalwares will Eliminate only the risk which will arise due to Malicious Contents.

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If you are a Multi Tasker and likes to do Multiple Tasks at the same time then any type of Antivirus is enough for you. Whereas, if you are focused on some other outdoor Activities then AntiMalwares are Good for Androids. Still if you are confused between them then use AntiVirus for your Devices as they can do the activities of AntiMalwares also.

So, take a look on these Best AntiMalware and Antivirus Applications for your Android, iPhone/iOS Devices and get ready to Eliminate different types of Malwares and Threats. Also a point is to be considered that Windows Phone and iOS Devices doesn’t requires any type of Malware Remover for them.

AntiMalware or AntiVirus for a Mobile Device

AntiVirus & AntiMalwares:

1. Lookout Security & Antivirus

It is an amazing application for Android and iPhone/iOS Devices to keep them safe from different types of Threats and Malicious Contents. This Application will Give you Antivirus along with the Remover of other Adware and Spyware Programme. You can Backup or Restore your Devices Contacts and you can Track your Devices also if it gets Lost. This App will give you same extra Benefits if you go for their Paid & Premium Plans.antimalware-or-antivirus-for-a-mobile-device-1

2. Norton AntiVirus and Anti-Theft

Yet another amazing creation in Antivirus Department which will Remove the useless contents from Android. Whereas iPhone/iOS users can easily Backup & Restore their Device Contents and can Remotely Track their Devices. It will be good that iPhone/iOS have AntiVirus with Theft-Alert also. So, take some time out for Reading their Description and Installing this Application on your Android and iOS Devices.antimalware-or-antivirus-for-a-mobile-device-2

3. McAfee AntiVirus and Mobile Protection

Serving from Multiple years and Counting, will give you Protection from Various Threats and Finding your Phone. It has Multiple Applications and will give you Complete Security and Privacy while using your Android and iPhone/iOS Devices. They will perform according the type of Applications Installed according to your Selected App and also read its Description before Installing.antimalware-or-antivirus-for-a-mobile-device-3

4. Avira AntiVirus and Mobile Security

Available in market from many years for different Operating Systems & is the Best. However, this time Avira has gone for Android and iOS Device. Avira will protect your Device with different type of Malwares and can Track your Device if it gets lost or Stolen Like others. It can do things at Minimal Level for a free Version but is enough to provide you with full access to Security and Protection feature.antimalware-or-antivirus-for-a-mobile-device-4

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