Block Websites of any Computer

Block Websites of any Computer_FI

Interesting Part while using your Computer and Laptops of any Operating System is that we usually Access the same Web Browsers for Connecting with the Web, if the Browsers itself have the Limitations for accessing a Website or a Blog then it is possible to Block them on any Operating System. Remember that OS may be different, but the Browsers are Same.

Due to Increase in Number of Websites and different Blogs, it has become quite Impossible to Stop their Access from Family Members and Visitors through Computer and Laptops. Some of the Website/Blogs are Good and Interesting, whereas others are made for achieving some other Goal. A Website may have any Content, but it depends on us that what we want to See. 

When a Particular Website which has Confidential Data of yours, is accessed by other users then you may face some problem. It also happens that Websites with Extreme Content (You know what I Mean) may be Accessed by your family member or your friend and for that you may Plan to Stop it’s Access. Blocking Websites will also help you when you have a Limited Internet Connection.

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In order to overcome this type of Problem and to Stop the Access of a Website or a Blog, you have to Block it on your Computer and Laptops. You can Block a Website content from your Desired Browser by Adding an Extension to that Browser or by adding an Exception to them regarding a Specific URL of a Website. So, here are some Extensions and Exception Method to Enable the Blocking of Websites for some of the Top Browsers.

Note: The Websites and Blogs can be accessed with other Browsers.

How to Block Websites of any Computer

For Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome Browser and type this in your Address bar:

Step 2: Now mark these Options and Scroll the Seek Bar of Results Per Page to Lowest.

  1. Turn on Safe Search.
  2. Never Show Instant Results.Block Contents of Chrome and YouTube 1

Step 3: After you change the Preference Settings, you have to Install the Blocksi Extension for Completing the Block Process of Google Chrome. Block Contents of Chrome and YouTube 2

Step 4: Now Set the Blocks on Various Websites which may harm you and you can Block YouTube Channels or YouTube keywords also & Save the Settings after Creating all the Blocks. 

If you are not Satisfied with this Extension then you may Try Block Site Extension Instead of it, but it can give you Blocks on Websites only & not on YouTube. You can Set Passwords for Both the Extensions According to your Preference. Thus, if you are using any other Browser then Start Using Google Chrome.

For Mozilla’s FireFox:

Step 1: You need to Download and Install Minimal Site Block add-on in your FireFox Browser. Then just Open the Extension Tab of ‘Settings’ and Click on this Newly Installed Extension.

Step 2: Click on ‘Options’ of ‘Minimal Site Block’ and then Click on ‘Configure’ which will be in front of ‘Blocked Sites’.Block Websites of any Computer 3

Step 3: Now just Set a New Rule regarding the Website, which means that you want to Block only the Home Page of the Site or the Entire Site with Sub-Pages also.Block Websites of any Computer 4

If you are not comfortable with this Extension and if you want to use the Most Easy One then try BlockSite Extension. It is used by Millions of People and will not disappoint you also.

For Opera Browsers:

Step 1: Directly open a WebSite and Right Click on it & Select ‘Block Content’ which will add that Site to the Blacklist for Browsing. You can also go for other Method if your Browser is Not Supported.Block Websites of any Computer 5

Step 2: You can also Block the Websites by Selecting Menu → Settings → Preference → Advanced Tab →  Content Section → Blocked Content → Interface.

Step 3: Click on the ‘ADD’ button → Copy/Paste or type the URL Address of the Website which you want to Block.Block Websites of any Computer 6

For Safari Browsers:

Step 1: Click on ‘Apple’ logo then Select ‘System Preferences’ and choose the ‘Parental Control’ Option.

Step 2: Click on the radio button for ‘Convert this account to parental control account’ and Click on ‘Continue’. Enter your Username and Password, if Asked. If the account is an Administrator Account, Safari will ask you to create a new administrator account to replace this one. Now The parental controls screen will appear.

Step 3: Click on ‘Web’ Tab.

Step 4: Then Click on ‘Allow access to only these websites’ radio button. The user Account is now limited to sites within the list, and Safari will not access any other Website.

Step 5: Click on the ‘+’ Symbol and click ‘Add Bookmark’. The Bookmark window will Appear.

Step 6: Now Enter a Title and a Website URL. Then Click on ‘OK’ to Allow access of that Particular Website.

So, from Now on if you want to Block the Website on your Computers and Laptops which may have any Operating System in it then Block it directly from your Browser. Websites can also be Blocked by Editing Hosts file or System file but may be Risky, whereas blocking them Directly from Web Browsers doesn’t have any type of Risk.

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