How to see hidden friends on facebook

August 22, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Facebook provides you the facility of ” Turn OFF Chat “, Because some peoples don’t want to get disturbed or want to Ignore someone. But there are some methods by which you can also see the persons who are Hiding from you. Just follow these steps and you can also find your friends who are hiding from you.

How to find who hacked you on facebook

August 22, 2014 RedAbhi 0

No need to worry about who hacked your account in your absence on facebook. There are many reasons that your account may be hacked but you might don’t know. But we can find that who might have Hacked your account on Facebook by following some simple steps.

How to delete your Facebook account

August 22, 2014 RedAbhi 1

Most of the Facebook users face the problem to delete their facebook  Account as Facebook has given the option of Deactivating their account, instead of deleting their account which seems quiet confusing to the Facebook users. To delete your Facebook Account completely you have to follow these steps.

How to flip your text on facebook and everywhere

August 21, 2014 RedAbhi 0

It is cool if some-one asks you something on Facebook which you want to hear and imagine that he asks you that thing on your wall then you will try to answer it in a cool manner. So Lets check out something that lets you do so and you can use Flip your text upside-down everywhere on Facebook in your […]

How to hide status update on facebook

August 20, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Many times you update your status and not all of your friends like your Updates but you only get few likes which doesn’t makes you happy. In order to avoid such things off your mind you can select few persons who like your updates and who are really close to you. Just follow some steps with us and you can […]

How to hide online chat on facebook

August 20, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Chatting on facebook seems to be good if you are chatting  with your loved ones but it might irritate you if you are chatting forcefully or with someone you don’t like or if your boss is on-line. at that time you just want to stay on-line but you want to hide from that specific person than what will you do. Don’t worry facebook has provided you […]

How to block friends on facebook

August 20, 2014 RedAbhi 0

As per the Facebook – Social Media trend it might have happened that your parents, boss or your co-worker might be your friend which you might fell as insecure for you. At this moment you might feel as blocking that person, so that he can’t see you status updates, you friendship reposes, your availability on his chat.

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