Block Unwanted Emails which Disturbs You on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail

April 29, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Do you want to block unwanted emails of your irritating friend or Do you want to block unwanted emails from your ex-wife/husband or Do you want to block those annoying offers and newsletters that reach your inbox or you want to block other unwanted emails. There are some ways to block all those unwanted and annoying emails that you do not […]

How to Backup Message and Call Logs on Gmail

April 9, 2015 RedAbhi 0

It is possible to backup your SMS as well as Call list from your Android Smartphone to your Gmail Account which is a great thing. When we format Android mobile phone it becomes difficult for us to backup our Smartphone’s SMS and Call logs which helps in keeping us up-to-date.

How to add your type of font in emails

November 21, 2014 RedAbhi 1

Its good to show some styles when you send an Email in different font as it creates a cool impression on your reader to who you send the email. As it is good when you send an email for some business reasons or to your loved ones. It shows that how cool and innovative you are to send emails in […]

How to know if your receiver read your email in gmail

November 21, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Gmail can also inform you that your emails are read or not which is quite difficult to find out but you can do it through Gmail. It is good to hear that you can check this also and it will help you to find that weather you receiver is informed or not about the information which you were trying to […]

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