How to use whatsapp on Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint

December 28, 2014 RedAbhi 1

You heard right that you can install WhatsApp on your Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint. Which is great because most of the people think that if WhatsApp is to be installed on Computer or Laptop’s then it can be done on Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Mac only. But by following 3 steps you can install WhatsApp on your Ubuntu, Debian or Linux […]

How to use whatsapp on Computers or Laptops

December 27, 2014 RedAbhi 1

WhatsApp is referred as the best Social Connector for all devices and it also provides us with Staying Connected with our loved one’s 24 x 7. WhatsApp can also be used on our Computer’s or Laptop’s which is very good for some user’s who uses Computer or Laptop more than their Mobile Devices.

How to cut mp3’s using VLC Player

December 27, 2014 RedAbhi 3

It is very strange to hear that our VLC Player can cut your MP3’s for various purpose such as making ring-tone’s for your Phone’s. Along with Playing videos on our Vlc Media Player we can use it for cutting Audio File’s on our Computer’s or Laptop’s. It has the inbuilt capacity to cut a mp3 or other audio files for which you install different Software’s.

How to recover your CD, DVD or BluRay Data

December 26, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Some Data’s on your CD, DVD, BD, HDD, Flash drive, USB stick, media card, Compact CF, MMC, SD, Diskette, SSD might become obsolete if we use it frequently and if there is any useful data then it might cause you trouble. You can do this, which will help you to get back your precious data from your CD’s/DvD’s or Blu Ray.

How to delete your Web Browsing History

December 24, 2014 RedAbhi 0

We surf on Internet using Different Web-Browsers and it collect the history of the pages you surf to help you in future but what if some-one you don’t like to share these details with watches your history. You don’t have to worry about these history as you can delete them from your Different Browsers.

How to backup Steam Games

December 22, 2014 RedAbhi 0

You can take backup of Steam games weather you have purchased it or not and you can keep this backup on External Devices such as CD’s, DvD’s and even on Hard Disc also. Playing Games on steam is Good and it is more good if you have purchased that Game. But the problem occurs when you need to format your Computer because these downloaded […]

How to Use Computers Internet as WiFi hot-spot on Windows

December 17, 2014 RedAbhi 2

When we go out for a trip or somewhere else having Internet on Computer or Laptop by cable, dongle or other sources and we want to use that Internet Connection on our Mobile Phones or various other devices, then we can  use it through WiFi. Today almost every Laptop and even Computers come with Inbuilt WiFi support to access Internet wirelessly, […]

How to fix corrupted MS Word Document

December 11, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Working for hours on something Important on MS Office Word and suddenly after sometime you may Notice that your Document got Corrupted. Getting Word document corrupted can be frustrating because if you can’t recover it all your hard work will go by blinking of your eye. It happens due quick close-down of Documents – in simple words it happens when […]

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