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How to Share Computers Internet on Android

April 1, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Using an Android Device without internet is like having a tree without branches. As today nearly all the Android Devices are depended on internet, we sometimes face problems to use internet via 3G/4G or wifi. But at that time we can use our Computers or Laptop’s internet connection on  Android Devices using a USB cable.

How to change Name and Password of your Wifi Router

March 27, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Wifi is becoming our necessity day by day and we require wifi routers to use the same internet on our Computer or Laptop and Smartphones. Maintaining our Wifi security is the most important thing as these password are easily taken by your neighbours and your family members also.

How to watch youtube videos on VLC without any Errors

January 2, 2015 RedAbhi 3

If you want to watch YouTube Videos on your VLC Media Player then it possible to watch it on VLC Media player. You get advanced controls which you don’t get on YouTube video Player or while watching YouTube videos online. You can also correct MRL errors which are shown when you try to play YouTube Videos on you VLC Meda […]

How to use whatsapp on Computers or Laptops

December 27, 2014 RedAbhi 1

WhatsApp is referred as the best Social Connector for all devices and it also provides us with Staying Connected with our loved one’s 24 x 7. WhatsApp can also be used on our Computer’s or Laptop’s which is very good for some user’s who uses Computer or Laptop more than their Mobile Devices.

How to recover your CD, DVD or BluRay Data

December 26, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Some Data’s on your CD, DVD, BD, HDD, Flash drive, USB stick, media card, Compact CF, MMC, SD, Diskette, SSD might become obsolete if we use it frequently and if there is any useful data then it might cause you trouble. You can do this, which will help you to get back your precious data from your CD’s/DvD’s or Blu Ray.

How to delete your Web Browsing History

December 24, 2014 RedAbhi 0

We surf on Internet using Different Web-Browsers and it collect the history of the pages you surf to help you in future but what if some-one you don’t like to share these details with watches your history. You don’t have to worry about these history as you can delete them from your Different Browsers.

How to check game compatibility on Computer

December 20, 2014 RedAbhi 0

Games can run on your Computer or not, which is very difficult to know. But you can reduce your Difficulty, only by checking your Computer or Laptop is compatible with different Games or not. Which will give you information about your Computer which will tell you that you can run this Game or you need to upgrade your Drivers.

How to speed up your Internet

December 18, 2014 RedAbhi 1

Internet speed differ’s from person to person as per their Internet plan. Everyone cannot afford Hi-Speed Internet due to some reasons but still they can use Hi-Speed Internet by using some tricks which are possible and easy also. This trick will help you  with the measures to make our Internet fast which is good for our Computer or Laptop’s Internet […]

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