Tips and Tricks for your Mobile Devices

How to Recover Deleted Files of Facebook

May 21, 2015 RedAbhi 1

Some of yours pictures, messages or videos are deleted mistakenly or due to other reasons from your Facebook Account and now you want it back as these pictures, messages or videos were very precious to you. Wait ! you don’t have copies of that documents also.

Download PV Star+ to Play Youtube Videos in Background of Android

May 19, 2015 RedAbhi 1

PV Star+ is not available on Google Play/Play Store and the reasons are Still Unknown, but its available here. Watching or listening to YouTube videos online on Youtube might be frustrating on our Android devices as turning off the screen Stops the videos. It would be good if we can play these videos without turning-ON the screen of our Android […]

5 Best Personnal Assistance apps like Siri for Android

May 19, 2015 RedAbhi 0

It gives us good feeling that someone listens to us in our real life, but it is more good that if someone listens to you on your Android Devices. Many of you may be aware of Siri app and few are still unaware of it, but we will tell you about 5 tremendous apps for Android which performs like Siri. Wait ! […]

8 Best Free HD Games for Android

May 18, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Mobile games are on the verge of Big Game Developers and Independent Developers as they have focused more attention in producing games for Mobile devices like the Android. Not everyone have time to play Games on PC or PS/Xbox for gaming, but almost every person you see walking down the street has a Smartphone or Tablet.

Chat without Internet on Android and Apple iOS

May 15, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Chatting with someone on your Phone without internet connection is quite strange to imagine. But the problem of chatting without Internet Connection, is also solved by the OpenGarden App Developers. Chatting without Internet Connection is possible with Firechat application.

Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android

May 14, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Flash Transfer is an ultimate Android app which helps you to transfer Android files and apps over your Wifi without Internet Connection, just by shaking it. But the sad thing about it is that it is removed from Google Play Store/Market and instead of that Xender, File Transfer & Share which can do  little extra has taken its place. We […]

Revealed Hidden Tricks of Apple iPhone

May 9, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Apple iPhone, running on iOS Operating System have many of the tricks for their iPhone users and some of the tricks has been revealed by us. We have discovered that Apple iOS can also give you many advantages as compared to Android OS.

How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS

May 8, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Sending or Receiving the contents of your Mac’s clipboard to your iPhone or ios devices usually involves sending yourself an email or message, but that has became quite old style and inefficient, plus these days there are better ways also.

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