Stop Copy of your Profile Photo on Facebook

June 16, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Some of the peoples use Facebook with wrong intentions and to exploit some of the innocent Facebook users. It may also happens that your friend may use your profile Picture to approve some of the work or he may even try to black-mail you – just for fun. But still at the time of Setting-up of our Account or even […]

How to Add Facebook Like Box on Blogger

June 8, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Updated on 13th November 2015 Opening your new Blog with Blogger and Finding the ways to add a Like Box on that Blog, is what most of the Blogger look for, but a solution is there. To gain the quick popularity on a Particular blog many of the Blogger takes the Help of Facebook LikeBox which can be a great […]

Auto Update Apps without Notifications on Windows Phone

June 5, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Updated Windows Phone are regarded as Advanced and Competitive devices as compared to other non-updated Windows Phone. Though, it feels quite old feature to get notified by the Update Centre to manually update your each and every apps and games of Windows Phone.

8 Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone

May 29, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Thinking that your Windows Phone is not so good as compared to Android or Apple iPhone can be your bigger mistake. Windows Phone provide many things that can easily solve your problems which Apple and Android finds difficult.

How to Find the Wifi users of a Wifi Network

May 26, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Now it is not so difficult to check-out that which of the devices are using your Wifi network on your Android, Apple iOS,Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Raspberry. It is great to find-out about the users using a Single Connection. When you have a Big/Huge Connections like a Wifi router in your Home or Office then this Application/Software is Perfect for […]

How to Apply Secret Themes of Windows 7

May 23, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Now you can find and apply hidden themes from Microsoft Windows 7 which is in your C drive. There are 5 to 6 Secret Windows 7 themes which are not made available to Windows 7 users and are kept Hidden. But now you can simply apply these hidden themes to your Windows 7 UI instead of downloading those new and […]

5 Best Free HD Games for Windows Phone

May 22, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Level of Mobile Games have gone too far than we could Imagine. With High Graphics and High Resolution of these games had make it possible to play Games with advanced User-Interface. Windows Phone users are also the part of this Environment.

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