Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or Anywhere

July 10, 2015 RedAbhi 3

You can send Large Files on Whatsapp by using this Trick as it is not difficult to do on your iPhone or Android. Only some Steps and presence of your Mind will enable you to do it. So what, if Whatsapp rejects the Upload of Large File Size (i.e. in MB’s or GB’s) but it will not reject this Trick […]

Use Three Whatsapp Accounts on Android

June 23, 2015 RedAbhi 3

Sounds Strange but it is Possible to easily use Three Whatsapp Account at a time on your Android Devices. There are some of the users who have the desire to use two or three Account of Whatsapp from their One Android Device. Using Two or Three Whatsapp Accounts at the same time on Android Device is possible by installing different […]

How to Stop Bans and Hide on Whatsapp

June 22, 2015 RedAbhi 0

Whatsapp Reborn is a name that you cannot forget if you use it on your Android Devices. Whatsapp Reborn can give you many of the feature that you just dreamed OFF. ‘But Remember that it has No Chat Privacy and it is not secure also’. But still if you are Not Worried with this Terms and Conditions then you are Good To Go.

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