Chat without Internet on Android and Apple iOS

Chat without Internet on Android and Apple iOS

Chatting with someone on your Phone without internet connection is quite strange to imagine. But the problem of chatting without Internet Connection, is also solved by the OpenGarden App Developers. Chatting without Internet Connection is possible with Firechat application.

Now you can create live discussions about anything you care about, whether it’s Bitcoin, politics, or your favorite DJ. Interesting part is that it fits over 10,000+ conversation in one ChatRoom. It’s as simple as typing a hash-tag and starting the Conversation. It uses your Blutooth and Wifi randomly to keep a conversation alive which has a reach over 200 feet, but it multiplies as the users start increasing. This app can transfer your Files also in a ChatRoom. This app has played a major role in Hong Kong’s – ‘Umrella Revolution’ 2014, So no doubt about it.

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According to the developers: By joining Firechat, you are joining forces to make the Internet better, faster and more reliable – for everyone, including yourself. It allows all devices to work together and find the best connections at any time. The more people use it, the better it gets. The main thing is that it works in AirPlane mode also.

Features of Firechat:

  • Maintains 100% privacy.
  • Instantly chat with anyone around you.
  • Why upload to dropbox when you can directly Fire files.
  • Works even without any Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.
  • Use the “Nearby” mode for off-the-grid communications, up to 200 feet from your location.
  • Off-the-grid communications may be shared online if one device within the range has access to the Internet.
  • Multihop capabilities extend the range of peer-to-peer communications.
  • Join or invite people to any existing chatroom about topics that may interest you.Chat without Internet on Android and Apple iOS 1
  • Choose your own unique username, displayed name and avatar.
  • Works even without any Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.
  • Only Firechat is required, chat with Android to iOS and vice-versa.
  • Works in AirPlane mode also.

How Firechat works with your Device:

1. Just provide your Name and Number to FireChat.

2.If it asks, then you can Register for Firechat.

3. Start a Search for Everyone or Nearby Devices on Second Device also.Chat without Internet on Android and Apple iOS 2

4. Select the names of the Device’s and type the name of the Conversation.

5. Then Start the Conversation/Chat.

Note: Other Devices should also use this Firechat app for free Chat.

Download → Firechat for Android

Download → Firechat for iOS

FireChat is the app which works without your Cellular Connection using Bluetooth and Wifi in Airplane Mode also which multiplies the range with increasing users. A must have app During some Riots, System Breakdowns or During a huge mass Gathering for a Successful Conversation.

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