How to convert video files with VLC

How to Convert video files With VLC

VLC Media Player is one of best media player for any Operating Systems which we use on our Computer’s or Laptop’s. It can play almost all audio and video formats and the availability of supported plugin files makes it even better by adding new features and functionality to it. Vlc Media player can convert any mp3, audio, video formats to other media format and which can be done very easily.

Apart from playing your favorite music or video files, VLC player also can convert any video files to MP3 format and other video formats also, that too without adding any Converting Software on your Computer. VLC comes with built-in video to mp3 and other format conversion feature allowing the user to convert their favorite video file to MP3 format or other video formats.

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You can also use VLC to convert your video files in to YouTube HD video format and other formats like PSP, iPhone, iPod, Android SD, H264, x264 and many other. So lets get started with this trick on:

How to Convert video files With VLC

How to Convert video files With VLC:

  • Download and Install VLC media player.
  • Now open your VLC player.
  • Click Media and Select Open Multiple files/Convet/Advanced.
  • A window will appear, under File tab, click on Add File.How to Convert Video Files with VLC 1
  • Here you have to select a video that you wish to convert.
  • So select your video and click on Convert (which is in play option).
  • Now select your type of conversion.
  • Here we have selected mp3.How to Convert Video Files with VLC 2
  • Now select your destination (where you want to store/save your converted file) by clicking on Browse and give a name to your file.
  • Click on Start to initialize the process.How to Convert Video Files with VLC 3
  • You can see your progress in Vlc Media player.How to Convert Video Files with VLC 4
  • After that you can open your converted file, which will go in your Destination Folder.

Your file is ready by this conversion method and it will save your lot of time and money on buying expensive converters.

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