Create a Web Server for free

Create a Web Server for free

Have you ever wondered of creating your own Server which works on your instruction or have you ever thought of Building your own PC as a File Sharing Machine, then you can think from Now Onwards. As your dreams will be fulfilled by a Software, which will give you the power of Creating and Managing a home server. It will work through Internet and will be accessible by anyone who knows your Specific Address.

Some of us will not take it seriously that a Virtual Server is Possible to Operate from a Home PC, but it has been made possible by the Rejetto Developers who have created a Software named as ‘HFS’. This Software ‘HFS’ will help you in Creating a full controllable Web Server, share any file with Uploads and Downloads through a specific address, its an Open Source programme, it has no Malware and its free also. This Software was tested on Windows & Linux Systems and there was Huge Success for Windows & Linux (Wine Operating System).

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You can use HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and receive files and it’s also different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology to be more compatible with today’s Internet. It also differs from classic web servers because it’s very easy to use and runs “right out-of-the box”.

Features of HFS – HTTP File Server:

  • Download and Upload any file from anywhere.
  • Gives you a Virtual File System.
  • Provides many HTML template.
  • Enhances you with option of Bandwidth control.
  • Give you a Log File to see your Connections.Create a Web Server for free
  • Dynamic DNS Updater.

Requirements for Creating a Web Server:

1. HFS Software.
2. Windows or Linux Operating System.
3. Computing Skills.
4. A Lamborghini Car (Optional).

How to Use HFS File Server

  • Download and Install the HFS Software.
    If you face any problem in Downloading then Download from here
  • Open the Downloaded file and if it asks for any permission in firewall or with an Internet Connection, then Allow Access.
  • Now Add the Files and Folders from your PC by Right-Clicking on the Home Icon in ‘Virtual File System’.
  • A Connection Address will be given to you, So that you can Connect to your Web-Server from Mobiles or any Computer and start Downloading & Uploading process from anywhere.
  • You can also examine the Connections of Devices and see its IP Address, Speed or its Downloading Progress.

Create a Web Server for free 1

  • Address will be given in ‘HFS Address Bar’ and you can Open and Check it in your Browser which may be like this.

Create a Web Server for free 2

If you also want to Enable the Upload feature then you can do it easily by setting a folder to Accept Upload File Process. Remember that you can Enable the Upload feature on a Virtual Folder only.

1. Right-Click on a Folder and Select its ‘Properties’.
2. Navigate to ‘Upload’ tab and Mark the option of ‘Anyone’.
3. ‘Apply’ the Settings and Start Uploading from anywhere and anytime for free.

Create a Web Server for free 3


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