Download Assistant Application like Siri on Windows Phone

Download Assistant Application like Siri on Windows Phone

Windows Phone also provides you with a Personal Assistant like the Apple iPhone gives ‘Siri’ to their iOS users and Android gives their users ‘Siri like’ apps to make their work done easily. As in this case Windows Phone will not step aside to make the work hard for their Windows Users. We have found an tremendous Assistant app that is available on Windows Phone Market to do work with your voice instructions.

It gives us good feeling that someone listens to us in our real life, but it is more good that if someone listens to you on your Windows Phone like ‘Siri’ for Apple iOS. Many of you may be aware of Siri app and few are still unaware of it, but we will tell you about a tremendous Assistant app for Windows Phone users which performs like ‘Siri’. Wait ! This apps made Siri too jealous.

Siri is a success for iPhone users as it can help you in different ways for setting-up your alarm, make your phone calls, play your favourite music, send text messages to your Contacts and it can do many more things that you imagine, just by listening to your voice. But you can have Siri App on your Android Device also.

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Your wait is over to have such type of app on your Microsoft Lumia Devices. You can also do the same tasks as iOS and Android users can do it on their Devices. This is a must have Application on your Lumia Devices because it provides you many of the major services as managing your day-to-day activities.

Download Assistant Application like Siri on Windows Phone

  1. Download and install Assistant app.
  2. Just Allow all the permissions.
  3. Now press the Mic Button and say – set alarm of 5pm or Make a call to Someone or Writa a new note of something or Some Other Things.Download Assistant Application like Siri on Windows Phone 1
  4. Your Work will be Done.

This app remembers everything, understand your need, it can speak different languages and it is always available for your Service.

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