Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android

Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android

Flash Transfer is an ultimate Android app which helps you to transfer Android files and apps over your Wifi without Internet Connection, just by shaking it. But the sad thing about it is that it is removed from Google Play Store/Market and instead of that Xender, File Transfer & Share which can do  little extra has taken its place. We will see both apps feature and then you may decide that which is the Best for sharing.

Flash Transfer was a great app which was easily understood by most of the people and was having a wide reach as it was simple, that small kids also understood its configuration but was limited to Android Phone Only. Whereas, Xender, File Transfer & Share is concerned that it does all the job which was done by Flash Transfer with extra to send files to Windows/MAC Computers or Laptop’s and it also supports Cross Platform Transfer which means that it can transfers Android files to iOS device also.

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Install flash Transfer, if you Transfer file with Android Devices only and Install Xender File Transfer & Share if you want to transfer your files to PC/MAC and iOS (Cross platform) also. But still the Flash Transfer has a better Goodwill (Status) than Xender, File Transfer & Share as it is very simple. This is the major difference which is spotted by us, otherwise they do the same job of transferring files.

1. Flash Transfer:

Flash transfer is an amazing application for Android based smartphones and other Android devices. This is lightening fast file transfer application which was first introduced by Micromax which was also called as ‘Swipe and Share’. No questions that most of us still use Bluetooth as a medium of transferring files like Mp3’s, Videos, Applications and other file from one mobile to another, all such traditional methods require’s a lot of time. Flash Transfer will do all these things for you by using your Devices Wifi and without costing you anything.Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android 1

How to use Flash Transfer:

  1. Install the app and set a Pic by writing the name for the device – do it on both the Android device.
  2. On Home Screen, hit ‘Connect with Friends’ on both Device.
  3. Now hit on ‘Create Connection’ in first device and Hit on ‘Scan to Join’ in second Device.
  4. Now Select the device names and wait for access on both the devices.Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android 2
  5. Now Mark any file or all of them to share over your Wifi.
  6. Shake your Android Device or Long press on files to Send and Start Transferring.
  7. All transfer process will be shown in History Tab.

As the Flash Transfer is not available on Google Play Store/Market, we will provide you with that useful app.

Download → Flash Transfer

2. Xender, File Transfer & Share:

Xender is not so difficult but it is new and this may be the reason that it is ignored by most of us. Xender transfers anything that you want from documents, music, pictures to videos and apps also, instantly with a few taps. Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows you to transfers between Android and MAC iOS also. With the new Connect PC mode, Xender transfers everything you need between your phone and your computer, whether it is PC, MAC or Chromebook.Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android 3

Just forget about cables, slow Bluetooth and apps that have to use your mobile data and tools that need you to install software on your computer. It is Extremely fast – imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds. It Supports group sharing to up to 4 devices and also supports cross platform transfer and sharing between Android and iOS devices.

Phone to PC/MAC:

  • Connects your phone to any PC/MAC of even other people’s MAC.
  • Transfers everything like files, pictures, music, videos and even apps.
  • No need to install any software on PC/MAC.
  • Supports off-line mode with high transfer speed and no internet is needed.Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android 4

Download → Xender (for Android)

Download → Xender (for Apple iOS)

The conclusion is that if you use Transferring with Android Devices only then Flash Transfer can fulfil your needs through Wifi, without any extra cost and with a style. Give us your thoughts by leaving Comments.

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