Download Online Videos on any Phone

Download Online Videos on any Phone

We have discussed before also to download Videos on any Operating Systems and on Android Devices also, but still some of the users were facing troubles in Downloading their Online Videos on different Mobiles and other Mobile Devices. You heard Right that Online Videos Played on YouTube, DailyMotion,  Facebook, Twitter Links and from other different Websites could be Downloaded easily on any Phone.

The Process is very easy to Understand and it doesn’t require you to type any Huge length of Codes. We all surf on Net from our Cute Phones and Tablets instead of Surfing from our Computers or Laptops. but it becomes difficult to get those online Videos which are Very Rare from our Mobile Devices. Not Using PC to Download that Video doesn’t mean that you can’t Download that Video using your Mobile Devices.

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It does not matter’s that you are using Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, SamSung Bada, Symbian S60 – S40 – Nseries, Java or any of the iOS Devices. You can Download any of the Videos Played on the Net on any of the Operating Systems used by your Phone. So, Sit back and don’t worry that you cannot Download any of the Videos from your Phone itself.

Requirements for Downloading Online Videos:

1. Mobile devices having any of the Operating System Installed.

2. Active Internet Connection.

3. A Brown Color Hat. (Optional)

How to Download Online Videos on any Phone

Step 1: Open any Mobile Browser and Search for the Video which you want.

Step 2: Just Type ‘ss’ after ‘www.’ like this: ‘http://www.ssVideoLink‘ or ‘http://www.9xVideoLinkDownload Online Videos on any Phone 1

Step 3: Now it will Take you to ‘’, which will give you Multiple Option to Download that Video. Just Click on Download and Save it on your Phones.Download Online Videos on any Phone 2

Note: If this Method doesn’t Works then you can Copy and Paste the Video ‘url’ directly on

Watch a Video on this:

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