Edit a Hosts File on any Version of Windows

The big question after installing any type of Software is that how can we Edit a host file to block that Software from Connecting to the Internet. Mainly the host files are edited to block the Access of Computer’s Internet by which the Softwares or Applications gets Connected with their Server and may create Some Problem for us.

The main objective of this Post is not to block the Access of your Software’s Internet Connection to violate any type of rules, but we will be able to edit the Windows Hosts file in a Cool Manner. As Stopping any Software from Connecting to the Internet can help you-a-lot if you are in Middle of something Important.

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Ger far away from the Frequent Connections which disturbs you all the Time while you are Creating Projects on a Software and also avoid the problems of Waiting for Several Hours on Updation to be Completed for that Software. Completely block the Access of the Software which Disturbs you all the time for Updates or any type of useless Surveys.

Requirements to Edit a Hosts File on any Version of Windows:

  1. Windows Computer or Laptop. (any version)
  2. Any Software.
  3. Ability to Cut, Copy & Paste.

How to Edit a Hosts File on any Version of Windows

Step 1: Open you Notepad as Administrator. Right-Click on your Notepad File and Select ‘Run as Administrator’.Edit a Hosts File on any Version of Windows 1

Step 2: Click on ‘File’ and Open the ‘Hosts’ File which is in ‘ C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ‘ & Show all Files.

Note: You have to Disable your AntiVirus before Editing.

Step 3: Open your Hosts text File and write any Exception that you want to give for any Software.Edit a Hosts File on any Version of Windows 2

Step 4: If you want to give an exception for Software then you Have to find the Server Address through which it gets Connected and Just type followed by the Website Address.

In order to edit Hosts File of Windows, you have to Open it as Administrator and this is the step where most of the Programmer goes Wrong. Hosts File is a Windows System Files which is the Major Reason that it Cannot be Edited by a Common User, It can be Edited only through the Administrator.

Watch this Video for Details:

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