7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error

7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error Featured

While using Microsoft’s Windows Computers and Laptops, we may have come to a Point where the PC was forced to display a Blue Screen of Error which is also called as Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD). Many of the Hardware Experts are used to it, but Some of the Buddy’s out there are Still Unaware to Solve this Kind of Problem on their own.

These Blue Screens can be considered as that something has Gone wrong with the Parts of PC & can also be termed as few things are Trying to hold the Working Process. Blue Screen usually appears when Some of the Process is Stopped which cannot be Run in a Safe Environment and needs a Shut Down or a Restart.

Blue Screens always come with an Error Message that is Understood by the Professionals and is a Question for Casual Users. It usually occurs when Users Install many of the Software/Applications in their PC or when they try to Overite/Fresh Install some of the Drivers in their Systems. Sometimes the Softwares/Driver fails to Run with the current System & Throws a Blue Screen on your Computer or Laptop.

It Simply Means that your PC cannot take it anymore.

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But Wait! In order to get away from these Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), TricksNow is Giving you some of the Tips & Tricks to Solve this type of Problem. Here are the 7 most useful Tips & Tricks to Solve the BSOD of any PC. The first 3 Ways are Most effective and works among 91% BSOD Cases and if the BSOD appears after this also, then Check out the Remaining 4 Tips.

You don’t need to be a Professional, neither you should be an Expert in Testing and Performer of a Hardware on a Computer/Laptops. Just follow this Tutorial Step by Step and you will be able to get free from Blue Screens. So, without further ado, Let’s get Started on this:

7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error

1st Way: Control Panel

Step 1: Open the “Control Panel” by going in the Start of your Windows PC.

If you are facing any Trouble in finding it then Refer to this:
Get Back the Control Panel of Windows

Step 2: After the “Control Panel” opens up, Click on “Hardware and Sound” from there.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 1

Step 3: Now click on “Power Option” and Select “Choose what the Power Button Does” which will be on the left side.

Step 4: Then click on “Change the Settings which are Unavailable” which will be on Top.

Step 5: Now Just Scroll down to “Shutdown Settings” and ‘Uncheck’ “Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended)” and ‘Save the Changes‘.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 2

Step 6: Then you have to Open the “Device Manager” by Right-Clicking on “This PC” or “My Computer”. You can also Open the Device Manager from ‘System Properties’.

Step 7: Now, click on Disk Drives & Right-Click on your Hard Disk and Select “Update Driver Softwares7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 3

Step 8: Then Click on “Browse my computer for Driver Software” and Click on “Next” when it will ask you for a Path.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 4

Step 9: It may show you that ‘Your Driver is Up to Date‘ which is a Good Sign or you can Download and Install it from the Internet also.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 5

This will definitely help you from getting Rid of those Blue Screens and if still there is Blue Screen for you then See the Following Ways.

2nd Way: Softwares/Applications

It may also happen that you recently installed a Software in your Computer or Laptop which is System Savvy and Require Lots of Resources or that App may be Infected by some Adwares/Malwares. At times, the PC becomes insufficient to handle the App and throws a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and Shuts Down or Restarts without the Users Concent, which is not good if this happens again & again.

So, to avoid this Kind of Problems in your Computer and Laptops, Consider these Point before Installing a Software/Application:

  1. Use the Software/App from a Reputed Software Provider.
  2. Consider to perform a System Restore.
  3. Install only the Most Needed Application or Game.
  4. Do not Install too much of Software.
  5. Quickly Uninstall the Culprit Application.
  6. Have a thorough Look on Recently Installed Softwares.
  7. Sometimes a Game which is Large in Size is Responsible for BSOD.

7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 63rd Way: Antivirus

It can also be a Major Reson that your Computer or Laptop may be displaying these BSOD’s is because of the Virus Infection. Many of the Softwares & Applications comes with Jaw-Breaking Advantages, but also brings some Malware, Adware and different type of Virus with them. So, take a ‘WISE‘ decision before adding them in your Systems.

Most of the files in them are Trojan Infected and have some of the Malwares in it, but becomes difficult for the User to Delete the whole package because of the Useful files in that Package. In this Situation, it depends on the User to Remove that file or to Keep that dangerous file.

You should Scan each and every file Thoroughly, in order to Throw that BSOD’s from your Computer or Laptop.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 17

4th Way: Defragmentation

Well, there’s not much to say about this Topic as everyone is familiar with the Defragmentation and Removing the Bad Sectors of their PCs. The Bad Sectors are those areas of the Hard Drives which are Infected by some Viruses or have been damaged because of some Malwares. If this is the condition in your case then a simple Defragmentation is enough for those BSOD’s.

Just type Defragment is Search of the ‘Start Bar‘ and ‘Analyze & Defragment ‘ the Bad Sectors.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 8

5th Way: Clean the PC

Cleaning the PCs are not the most effective ways to Make your Computer the BSOD’s free, but will enable you to be a Mile Away from Various threats and Malwares. Many of the Times when the Junk files or the useless Registry files Clashes with each other, Results in Blue Screen of Deaths.

However, this doesn’t happen all the Times but will ensure you that any of the Junks are not there on the PC. Many of the Registry Cleaners, Defragmenters, History Sweepers are there to Clean the Junk Files of your PC. Also, Remember to Clean your PCs Recycle Bin from Time to Time.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 9

6th Way: Update the Drivers

Updating Drivers of a PC can be Regarded as the Main Reason of BSOD’s. When a Driver of the PC gets outdated, it becomes insufficient to Perform its Tasks Effectively. This doesn’t happen all the Time, but can be considered when BSOD’s starts Popping UP. In order to get free from Blue Screen, you must download and Install the Latest Drivers and other Applications Firmware’s.  

Along with Update of Hardware Drivers and their Firmwares, you should also try to Perform ‘Windows Update‘ of the PC. Windows Operating Systems may be the Reason for a Fatal Error or a BSOD. You can also Repair your Computer by Inserting a Windows OS disc or a USB Drive.

In order to get away from BSODs many of the Users directly Format their Drives and Re-install a similar Version of Operating Systems or a New Version of OS.7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) Error 10

If these ways are not solving your Problems then Pick Up a Screw-Driver and get Ready to Fix with the 7th Way for Solving these BSOD’s. 

7th Way: Hardware Components

It may be a Reason that your Hardware Components are not working correctly or they may have Exceded their Life Span in a PC. Hardware Components are also considered as the Vital Elements of the PC. If anything happens to any of them, then the BSOD’s are ready to give you a Message of them and Keep you alert from theirs Various Activities.

Many of the Users try to Overclock their PCs & add Multiple Devices in them to make their Work Smooth and Easy. Which is Good at a Time, but they should also consider the Capacity of the Motherboards, too much Pressure on them may Lead to BSOD’s. Also, some of the Hardware Components works Perfectly fine for Some Days but starts Showing you BSOD’s after some time.

Do the following Changes in your PCs Hardware Section to get away from BSODs:

  1. Try to Avoid CPUs Overclock and if it’s done then try to Revert Back the Settings.
  2. Start your PC with minimal Hardware and Check their Cables with their Seating Arrangements.
  3. Start your PC without CD/DVD, Floppy and other additional Drives.
  4. Update your BIOS or CMOS.
  5. Start the PC in “Safe Mode“.
  6. Start-up your PC using ‘Last Known Good Configuration‘.
  7. Return to Hardware’s Default Settings.

If your PC Restarts before Reading the Stop Code then “Disable the Automatic Restart on System Failure Option” from BIOS Settings.

These were the 7 Ways to solve the Problem of Blue Screen Error. If these 7 Measures are also not enough for you then you Seriously need a Hardware Expert to Solve the BSOD Error, but I’m sure that this will definitely work for your Computer or Laptop.

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