Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android

Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android

Now you can create a Shortcut folder on the Home Screen of your Android Devices without any type of problem. This Trick is not the New one but Still some Tricky Minds are Unaware of it who will Definitely Love this Shortcut Creating Method for Folders on the Home Screen of Android Smartphone and Tablets.

Android Devices have given us many Types of Advantages over other Gadgets including Smartphone and Tablets which are Useful. You may be thinking that why I am saying these things to you, as you may be familiar with the Advantages of Android. That Green Bot of Android along with its Developer’s are Smart Enough to Understand the Likes and Dislikes of their Users. This Shortcut Creation Method of Android was Usually given for the Devices running Android KitKat (4.4) but can be used on other Devices also, if your Device is Updated.

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By keeping in mind the Wants and Needs of Android User, this Time that Green Bot has found a way to keep your Specific Folder in front of your eyes which means that you can make a Shortcut to your Folder for quick Access. You can move this Shortcut to any of your Home Screen. It doesn’t matter that you are having 6 or 7 Home Screens because you know that you can Move any App Icons or the Widgets to Anywhere on the Home Screen. You don’t have to do lot of things to Set your Shortcut Folder on Home Screen, as you can do it with your Basic File Explorer also, but only if your Basic File Explorer Allows you to Create a Shortcut. For Creating such type of Folder Shortcuts, follow the Mentioned Steps.

Requirements to Create a Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of Android:

  1. ES File Explorer, Astro  File Manager or your Native File Explorer.
  2. Android Device with KitKat or other Updated Android Versions.
  3. Devices like SmartPhone or Tablets.

How to Create a Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of Android

Step 1: You Have to Download ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager or Other File Explorers will do, if it gives you this Shortcut Permission.

Step 2: Now just Go on your Home Screen of Android and Add a Widget of your Desired File Manager. Press and Hold in Blank Space of your Home Screen and Tap on Widgets.Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android 1

Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android 2Step 3: You will be asked to Choose the Path of your Desired Folder. So, You can Choose your Desired Folder or you can also Directly Choose your Favorite File. Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android 3   Folder Shortcut on Home Screen of your Android 4

It is Possible that you can have Direct Access to your File also and there is no Limit on the Number of Shortcuts you keep on your Home Screen. If you know some other good Method for Creating a File or a Folder Shortcut on Android then Please Inform to our Other TricksNow Followers also.

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