Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10

Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10

Missing the old days which you have spend with Control Panel on Windows OS ? If yes then we have a Good News for you. Get back the Control Panel of Microsoft Windows without much efforts on Windows 10. Also don’t think that it will not Work properly ! It works effectively but is kept hidden on Windows 10 OS for Unknown Reasons.

Microsoft Windows like to do changes with their every Release, the most Disastrous change was the Missing ‘Start Menu’ on Windows 8 and a ‘Charms Bar’ was added instead of it. The Missing ‘Start Menu’ was criticized by many of the Windows OS users. This Criticism forced Windows Developers to add the ‘Start Menu’ in their next release of Windows 8.1 OS with ‘Charms Bar’. And Now in Windows 10 OS, the Old and Bold ‘Control Panel’ is missing.

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However, this Missing ‘Control Panel’ will not create much Issue because an additional ‘Settings’ Option is given Instead of it which is more easy to find. But Let me be clear that many of the users are Quite Confused with this (Settings) Option also. The Settings Option of Windows 10 is good but could have been better if it would have the Interface of Old Control Panel that we used to have on our Windows OS.

Regardless of the name, the functioning of Both the ‘Settings’ and ‘Control Panel’ are same. Users miss their Old Control Panel Because it was used from many years and was easy to Understand with more Features compared to this ‘Settings’ Option. We are not Sure that Microsoft will do something for this Problem, Till then you can use this easy and Short way to Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10.

Requirements to Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10:

  1. Computer and Laptops with Windows 10 OS.

How to Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10

Step 1: Press Windows key + R together on your keyboard or Open the Search Option located on Start Bar.Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10 1

Step 2: Now type ‘Control’ or ‘Control Panel’ in your Run or in Search of Windows 10 and hit ‘Enter’.Get Back the Control Panel of Windows 10 2

Step 3: If you are Addicted to Control Panel then you can download a Batch file Shortcut from the following Mirrors to open your Control Panel quickly.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Note: It is not Compulsory that you Should Keep this Control Panel Batch file Shortcut on your Desktop only.

This is the most easiest way to Open your Control Panel on Windows 10 as you can have Advanced Control on your Applications and other Settings from here.

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