Get Back the Privacy of Windows 10

Get Back the Privacy of Windows 10

Privacy while using your Microsoft Windows 10 is not Considered in this Version which is quite Disappointing and have Created Doubts in Mind of the Users who want to Use Windows 10 OS. But you can tune your Privacy Back of Windows 10 Operating Systems by Tuning-Off Some of the Options.

We don’t know the Reason behind this Type of Privacy Lack and we also Don’t know that it is Right or Wrong. The Major Point behind this may be to Stop the Piracy of Various Games and Applications which are Easily Misused. It not only Sends the Game and Application Details but also Sends your Location also which is considered as a Roadblock in your Privacy.

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There is an alternative way to maintain your Privacy of Windows 10 and can be easily done by only Turning Off the Various Privacy Options. Turn Off the Options like Geo-Location and options like App-Sync to Disable your Current Locations along with your Applications Data Transfer. You Should also Disable your Automatic Updates which will Auto-Start your Privacy Changes if you Update your Windows 10 PC.
Note:Before Turning Off the Privacy of your PC, it is Recommended that you Stop the Updates also.

How to Get Back the Privacy of Windows 10

Step 1: Open your ‘Settings’ by Clicking on ‘Start’ and Select ‘Update and Security’.Get Back the Privacy of Windows 10 1

Step 2: Now Click on ‘Advanced Options’ which will be under ‘Update and Security’ and Scroll down to ‘Privacy Settings’.

Step 3: Turn Off the Options in you ‘Privacy’ which we have Listed Over here or Do it as per your Convenience:

  1. Turn Off all the Options of General.
  2. Turn Off the Locations.
  3. Turn Off the Account Info.
  4. Turn Off all the Contact Apps.
  5. Turn Off all the Calendar Apps.
  6. Turn Off all the Messaging Apps.
  7. Select ‘Basic’ option for ‘Diagnostic and Usage Data’ which will be under ‘Feedback and Diagnostic’.
  8. At Last, Turn off all the Online Apps which will be Under ‘Background Apps’ or Turn it Off as per your Requirements.Get Back the Privacy of Windows 10 2

Only by Turing Off these Options, you will be Able to Get Back the Privacy of your Windows 10 which will help you to Be Safe from Application Blocking and various other Type of Blocks. As these Steps will also Help you to Be Safe from Hackers and will also keep your Identity as Secret while Surfing on Internet. There are Applications Available for doing this, but it will be better if you do this Manually.

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