Hide Drives of Windows 8.1 without Softwares

Hide Drives of Windows 8.1 without Softwares

Hide the Drives of your ‘Microsoft Windows 8.1’ might sound very Strange to you, but it is possible to do by your own. Windows 8.1 gives you many of the advantages over other Operating Systems and hiding your Drives is one of them. It’s cool, as hiding your Drives is one of the ultimate Solution to show that you are using Windows 8.1 Computer without any Drives.

Many of the Windows 8.1 Users are Unaware of this Masterpiece. As this Trick is one of the Confidential Trick and doesn’t affects System Memory of Windows which means that it is ‘Completely Safe’. It also keeps you far away from troubles caused by any Unauthorized access to your Windows 8.1 Computer in your absence.

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Some of your friends, colleague or even your family members who disturbs you in accessing your private drive and you want to hide that drive of your Windows 8.1 PC from them and to keep a shortcut for accessing that Drive, then you are at the right Spot unless they are not watching this trick at the Same Time. You can use this for fun or to Hide your Documents or to Confuse Someone that your Windows 8.1 Computer or Laptop runs without any Drive.

Requirements to Hide Drives of Windows 8.1:

1. Windows 8.1 Computer or Laptop.

2. Ability to Click on Mouse.

Hide Drives of Windows 8.1 without Softwares

  • Goto your Charms Bar which is at the Top-Right Corner of your Computer Screen and Click on Search.
  • Now type ‘mmc.exe’ and open it.
  • In ‘Console Root’ – Navigate to File → Add/Remove Snap in..How to Hide Drives of Windows 7 PC 3
  • Now Select the ‘Group Policy Object’ and ‘Add’ it.
  • Click on Browse to Select your Account.
  • Then Click on the ‘Users’ Tab and select any of the Account & Click on ‘OK’.Hide Drives of Windows 8.1 without Softwares 1
  • Now Click on ‘Finish’ & Click on ‘OK’ to accept Policies.
  • Navigate to ‘Console Root\User-name\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components’ and Search for File Explorer.
  • Click on File Explorer and Open ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’.Hide Drives of Windows 8.1 without Softwares 2
  • ‘Enable’ the option and Select your Drive from ‘Pick one of the following combinations’.
  • Then click on OK.How to Hide Drives of Windows 7 PC 10.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ if any option comes at you.
  • Now Close the ‘Console’ Option and Save a Shortcut of it anywhere for easy access.

Note: Do not hide the ‘Shortcut’ in the drive, which you are hiding.

  • Restart your PC and See the Changes.

If you want to Make that Drive Visible then Open the Console Shortcut and Disable the ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’. As now there will be no need to Restart your Windows 8.1 Deaktop or Laptop. After creating a short-cut, there is need of only one-time Restart and after that you don’t have to do it.

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