Hide the Drives of Windows 10 PC


If you are thinking that by Hiding the Files of your PC is enough to keep them Safe from other Peoples, then you might be Pushing yourself in ‘Depths of Hell’. Hiding the files by simply Navigating to File Properties and Hiding them over there is not enough for some Users, b’coz they can open it from View. What if! the Whole Drive of Windows 10 is Hidden?

In order to Secure the Top Secret Hard Drives of Computer and Laptops, you should hide them. Though, there were previous Tricks on Tricksnow.com that explained that you can secure the files of Windows PC with the help of Various Applications by Hiding or Locking them. But it will be good to directly hide the Drives of PCs instead of Hiding or Locking certain files & folders, which will also reduce the Risk of going that file or a folder in wrong hands.

This Trick can create a Confusion in Minds of other Peoples that you are using your Computer without any Drive. It is not that this method is Specifically for Windows 10 Operating System Users, but can be used on other Versions of Windows OS also.

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So, hide the Hard Disks/Drives of your Windows 10 without any extra Implications by using this Trick. One more thing: you also don’t have to worry that you are using a Hard Disk Drive (H.D.D) or a Solid State Drive (S.S.D) for Storage. This Method is a Basic One. So, no need to worry about the Safety of your Hard Drives, it is completely Safe Method.

Note: This Method can also save the Hard Disks reading Life, if it is Limited.

How to Hide the Drives of Windows 10 PC

Step 1: Open ‘Cortana’ or Click on ‘Search’ which are Placed next to Menu Button.

Step 2: Now say to Cortana or Type ‘mmc.exe’ in Seach and ‘Run it as Administrator’.

Step 3: ‘Console Root’ will be Opened – Then Navigate to ‘File’ → ‘Add/Remove Snap in..’

Step 4: Now Click on ‘Group Policy Object Editor’ from various options & Click on ‘Add’.

Step 5: Then Click on the ‘Users’ Tab and select any of the Account & Click on ‘OK’.

Note: Do not Select the Primary Administrator Account, b’coz it’s not Supported.hide-the-drives-of-windows-10-pc 2

Step 6: Now Click on ‘Finish’ & ‘OK’ to accept Policies.

Step 7: Then Navigate to ‘Console Root\User-name\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components’ and Search for File Explorer.

Step 8: Now Click on File Explorer and hit on ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’.

Step 9: Click on ‘Enable’ the option and Select your Drive from ‘Pick one of the following combinations’ and Click on ‘OK’.

Step 10: Click on ‘Yes’ if any option comes at you.

Step 11: Now Close the ‘Console’ Option and Save a Shortcut of it anywhere for easy access.

Note: Do not hide the ‘Shortcut’ in the drive, which you are hiding.

Step 12: Restart your PC and See the Changes.hide-the-drives-of-windows-10-pc 6

This is the most easiest and safest way to Hide the Drives and Disks of your Windows 10 PC. As I have said Earlier also that Hiding the Drives of Windows PC will enable you to Save the Life Span of Disks by Limiting the Read & Write Process of them.

Note: It is fully Compatible with with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Editions, but not work with Home and other Versions of Windows 10.

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