How to Access more than one Gmail Account

Gmail service is the one of the easiest and very use-full communication service on the net. It is very good for personal and business communication. Many people use Gmail and thus there is a need for several accounts.

People around the world are using Gmail service as it provide more convenience than any other email service plus it is far more faster than any other email providers also and we get easy interface also.

How to Access more than one Gmail Account

  • Login to your Gmail with ID and password.
  • Go to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Enable both POP (By Default it is enabled) and IMAP (It is also enabled)  for all Emails and save the settings.




  • Now again go to Settings → Accounts and Import → Grant access to your Account → Add another Account.




  • This will open a new tab asking Email ID, Enter the new Email ID in that Box and Click on Next Step>>.




  • It will ask permission to send verification Email to the your new account.




  • Login into the New Account and Verify the New Email.
  • It will take about 30 minutes to start your new account.

Now you can send Emails, Read, and Delete the Emails of Old account from new account itself. It is the one of the Easiest way to Access more than one Gmail Account from a single account.

This new account is for your service, Please do not misuse it.

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