Add a Lock Button on Home Screen of Android

How to add a Lock Button on Home Screen of Android

Android Devices are becoming a way Big and Large in Size which is not liked by some of the users Operating with one hand. Lock button on top of the phone OR at Side of your Phone is Becoming Quite Hard if Some of the Users are Looking for One-Hand Operations. It may also Happen that Access use of that Button can Lead to Some Damage.

Some of the Users who always Stick to their Precious Phones or Devices usually face these Kind of Problems. If the power key of your device is placed on top of it, accessing it with one hand while doing some work becomes absolutely impossible. It will be good if you have a lock screen option directly on your Android Device’s Home Screen.

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It is not that only Difficulty to Reach on Lock Button is Major Reason for a Lock Screen Shortcut on your Android Home Screen but Some Times if you use Lock Screen & Power Button too much then it may cause you Some Trouble. The Rule is Simple that “Using Anything Too Much than there will be Some Consequences”. So avoid Using the Lock Button When you Lock your Screen and Use it only when you want to Open your Device, as it May Reduce Some Pressure of your Lock Screen Button.

How to add a Lock Button on Home Screen of Android:How to add a Lock Button on Home Screen of Android 2

  1. Download the Lock Screen app from Play Store or you can go for some other apps also.
  2. Install the Lock Screen app.
  3. A shortcut will be automatically created on the Home Screen.
  4. If the shortcut is not created then you can drag the Lock Screen icon from your Menu Drawer to your home Screen.
  5. Now tap on the icon and open the app.
  6. Then Tap on Activate to Turn ON the services of Lock Screen app and to enable the Lock(By default it is Activated).

Now you have Successfully enabled the Lock Screen Services on your Android Device’s Home Screen. Also Remember that the UI (Colors and Appearance) Keeps Changing from Time-to-Time but Functions are Same.

Note: Before Removing the Lock Screen App you have to Deactivate the LockScreen Services.How to add a Lock Button on Home Screen of Android 1

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