How to add blank status on facebook

How to update blank status on facebook

Confusing your readers on what type or what status are you updating is possible in Facebook. Making read your friends a blank update which they cannot understand or they cannot read. It’s that they cannot read your updates and you act smarter in front of them and act as a wise man.

It is quite easy as by typing some keywords in update status on your wall of your Facebook. You can use these keyword for commenting, messaging or for adding info in your profile also as you can do it easily. This method does’nt harm your anything of Facebook Account as it is for entertainment purpose only. So let’s get started with:

How to add blank status on facebook:

  1. First login to your Facebook account.
  2. Now click on your Update status Option.
  3. Now enter @[3:3: ] in your status box.
  4. Click on post.

How to update blank status on facebook =2
If you want to update your blank status as long statement the paste the code again below the code just like below
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]

Note: This trick is only to Entertain you. It does not have any sort of resemblance with any account.

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