How to add your type of font in emails

How to add your type of font in emails

Its good to show some styles when you send an Email in different font as it creates a cool impression on your reader to who you send the email. As it is good when you send an email for some business reasons or to your loved ones. It shows that how cool and innovative you are to send emails in different fonts.

It is Good to read emails when they are of different fonts and doesn’t let loose you concentration from that email and also the user who sends it to you,

This extension can change the display font in Gmail’s email reader to any font you like (as long as your system has that font). It only changes the font for your read. It works best for plain-text emails. Rich-text (HTML) emails will possibly remain its original font because those emails can explicitly set font for any text in the email. So lets get started on :

Note: That this extension doesn’t affect the emails you send out.How to add your type of font in emails

How to add your type of font in emails:

  • First install My Font for Gmail on your Google Chrome.
  • Click the “3 little bars” icon on upper-right corner of Google Chrome.
  • Select tools->Extensions->My Font for Gmail™->options.
  • Enter your desired font name in the “Font Name” input box.
  • Click “Save”.
  • *Reload* the Gmail page.
  • Open your Gmail as your desired font is selected.How to add your type of font in emails - 1
  • Type your Email in your your font and send it.

You are set to Send and receive your mail’s in different and new format which you have selected.

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