How to block friends on facebook

How to block friends on facebook

As per the Facebook – Social Media trend it might have happened that your parents, boss or your co-worker might be your friend which you might fell as insecure for you. At this moment you might feel as blocking that person, so that he can’t see you status updates, you friendship reposes, your availability on his chat.

This might have happened to you that your parents are new on Facebook and they want to be friends with someone but suddenly they see you on facebook then they will absolutely give friendship request to you. What will you do at that moment, accept that friendship request and be polite because Facebook gives you the option of hiding from that ind of requests. Facebook is also concerned about the privacy of their users, so they give you multiple options of hiding your privacy.How to block friends on facebook

How to block friends on facebook:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • On Facebook Menu bar (upper side of page) there is option of Privacy, just click on it and some options will be available to you.
  • Then select → ‘ How do i stop someone from bothering me?’. 

How to block friends on facebook 1

  • Now enter the name of the person you want to block and just click on BLOCK.

How to block friends on facebook 2

  • Now it will show you many persons and you have to Select from it,How to block friends on facebook 3
  • Your selected users will be blocked and they cannot see your updates.

Now your blocked users cannot see your recent updates but theywill be your friends until you unfriend them but remember that they can see your Time-line easily as they are you friends. You can block those persons also who are not your friend also.

Note: From here you can see all blocked users also which you have blocked before.


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