How to change boot screen on iOS

How to change boot screen on iOS

It would be good if you get to change your boot screen on your IOS devices as one might get bored of its default boot screen. Then you will be pleased to hear that you can change your boot screen on your iOS devices. You have to do only some changes/settings on your devices to change your boot screen.

You can get bored of your boot screen as these screens comes with the default images/animations. This images are good to use but some might want to change their boot screens and want some other boot screens at their place. This might not cause any harm to your device but you nees to jailbreak your device in order to apply them.

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Note: This method requires you to Jailbreak your iPhone/iOS device.How to change boot screen on iOS

How to change boot screen on iOS

How to change boot screen on iOS:

1st Method →

  1. Download Redsnow
  2. To create Animated Boot logo either you can use any good image editor like Photoshop or download any custom readymade logo from the web (just Google/Bing it).

Logo Size should be:
Width x Height: 640x960px (iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G).
320x480px (iPhone 3GS)
1020×1024 (iPad)

  1. Open Redsnow tool
  2. Go to Extras >> Even >> Preference.
  3. Tap on Boot Logos.A new Explorer Windows will open.Now navigate to the folder where you have saved your downloaded/created animated logo and select it.

For some users who might face problems with Redsnow tool also may go foe Cydia App.

2nd Method →

  1. Download Cydia app
  2. Open Cydia Store from your Jailbroken iOS device’sand come on its.
  3. Tap on Section tab inside Cydia app.
  4. Tap on Addons >> Select the preferred animated logo from the list.
  5. Install the logo.
  6. Go to Setting >> Scroll down and tap on Bootlogo.

This trick will change your Boot Screen of ios/iPhone devices but only if you have rooted you Device.

Note: Apple strictly recommends you not to jailbreak your devices.

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