How to change email service from gmail to outlook

How to change email service from gmail to outlook

Gmail provides you the major email services like every other mail services and it is really easy to use but some users want to change their email service provider because of some reasons. Gmail has provided the facility of changing your Email services to other Email providers. It can be Hotmail, rediff-mail, yahoo mail and many more.

Gmail has provided you with the service of changing your email providers which was not included in Gmail earlier. As because of the increasing wants of the user many of the providers providing this services. Gmail is also providing this service and you can use it easily as it is really simple.

Gmail transfers your Emails through imap and POP3 so you don’t need to worry about your transfers, you just need to select these method to transfer you mails. All these are done automatically after once you select these methods of ttransfering your emails on gmail to outlook. Gmail provide you easy transferring your emails also. So lets get started on:

What data can be transferred from Gmail to Outlook in transferring process

  • Your Emails will be transferred.
  • All your Google Contacts can be transferred if you want to transfer to your Outlook account.

How to change email service from gmail to outlook:

  1. Log-in to your Outlook account .
  2. After sign-in, click on Gear or Setting icon then click on “More mails”.
  3. Now in Settings → Click “Import emails”.
  4. Now you will see “Choose from where you want to import your account:”.
  5. Below that click on “Google”.
  6. Now click on Start.
  7. Now you’ll be asked to log-in to your Gmail account.
  8. Click on Accept button in the next window.
  9. Now Outlook will import all your Gmail Emails and Contacts.

Your mails will be successfuly transfered to your new outlook account.

Note:You can view your Gmail import status on your Outlook account.

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