How to Clone the Drives of Mac

How to Clone the Drives of Mac 1

Backing up the Data’s of your Drive one by one can be frustrating on Mac OS and restoring them after the Backup, will take your lot of your time. Where most of the Softwares or Programmes Create a Back-Up which becomes absolute after some time, the Application called as Carbon Copy Cloner – Clone’s your Hard Disk (H.D.D. or S.S.D.) to other Disks within minutes.

Carbon Copy Cloner also known as ‘ccc’ is a backup utility with a difference which makes makes an exact duplicate of your Hard-Disks. Carbon Copy Cloner helps in preventing complete disaster like rescue of an entire hard drive right before it fail’s. The copy made by ccc is bootable just like the original, making it possible to create a Swapout drive for recovery. 

Did you know – ‘Time Machine’s backups are not accessible if you switch to a new Mac’.

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Carbon Copy Cloner is free for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to purchase a licence to continue using it on your Mac. In simple terms the CCC is a tool to easily copy contents from one Drive to another and you can make it bootable also. It also provides Incremental backups after the initial backup, Backups across networks, to external drives or to a disk image, Scheduling of backup operations, ability to back up a drive with some of the bad sectors and rescue the data that’s remaining on it and more.

How to use Carbon Copy Cloner

  1. Download Carbon Copy Cloner Application from BomBich Developers
    If you face any difficulty then Download from here 
  2. Extract the ‘’ and move it to Application.
  3. Open the app and Select the Drive which you want to clone.
  4. Also select the Destination Drive where you want your New Copy and mark the files that you want.
  5. Click on ‘Clone’ and begin with your Cloning Process.How to Clone the Drives of Mac

Also select that what you want to do with your current files which will go in Cloning Process from ‘Handling of data already on the Destination’. You can also set a scheduled timing if you are Sensitive about your Drives Data, as it can contain some of your Important files. If you face any problems then feel free to leave a reply.

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