How to Connect to Another Mac

How to Connect to Another Mac

Connect Apple computer (“Mac/iMac”) to another Apple computer so that you can see and control the other computer’s screen easily. No software needs to be installed, as OS X already has a screen sharing utility/software for your convenience and accessibility.

How to Connect to Another Mac:

Requirements: Two Computers running with MAC Operating System.

  • Turn on Screen Sharing. On the computer you wish to control, go to System Preferences. Click on “Sharing” and make sure “Screen Sharing” is checked. If it is not checked, check it.
  • Give all users or specific users permissions to connect.

Method  #1

  • On the machine you wish to control, go to or you can search on Google for your ip.
  • Write or copy down the IP address at the top. (It will be in the format 123.45.678.901)
  • Open the Finder on the machine you wish to control from your IP Address.
  • Click on Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  • Enter “vnc://” then the IP address you copied or wrote.
  • Then click on “Connect”.
  • Enter new username and password you would use to access the remote computer.

Method #2

  • Open Finder Window.
  • Under shared, click on computer that you wish to control or observe in the left pane of the Finder then click Share Screen button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the username and password of an authorized user then click on Connect button.

Did You Know:

  1. If connecting from outside the network ensure that you have the proper ports forwarded.
  2. If you are going to connect to the same computer often, go to Connection>Save As to make a shortcut to the computer.
  3. Mac offers more facility than Windows.

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