How to Create and Share Text Files of Android

How to Create and Share Text Files on Android

It is not so difficult to save text files of Android Devices, but it is not that easy also. Saving a text file on your Android Devices has been a difficult task now and only few among of us are aware of this Trick in a right manner. Creating and Saving a text file is a task which can be done by Notes but is difficult to share those without Internet.

Applications like Evernote, Google Keep or other apps are good enough to perform these tasks and other tasks easily related to your notes or text files. But the problem arises when you are far away from an Internet Connection and Wifi is also missing or you may have consumed your Data Plan resulting that you are out of your Data Limit which may restrict you to Upload/Download Anything.

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Do not worry that this is the end of writing your notes because of those Data Consuming Applications on your Android Devices. There are some manual ways that can help you out of like sharing and can easily provide you with the options like open, edit, rename, copy, cut and other options like sharing that text file also.

How to Create and Share Text Files on AndroidHow to Create and Share Text Files on Android

  1. Download and Install ES FileExplorer
  2. Open the app and Navigate to the location where you want your new ‘text’ file.
  3. Now, tap on ‘new’ at left bottom of the screen.
  4. Select New file.How to Create and Share Text Files on Android 1
  5. Then, write your desired name and type ‘.txt or .text’ at last.How to Create and Share Text Files on Android 2
  6. Your file is created successfully to write/edit or share with friends.How to Create and Share Text Files on Android 3

This is the method works with the ES File Explorer only. However if you want a text file on your Native Explorer easily then Navigate to any text file on your File Explorer and Copy it. Paste that copied text file to your desired location and edit it.

Note: You can Copy any System File also because after creating a copy of it, it has no link with the System.

Most Important: You can use Evernote or Google Keep for Syncing your Notes with your Email-ID’s also.

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