How to create funny facebook posts

We always want that our post and updates should have more and more likes and comments. It creates popularity among users. So, what if we are more updated with our recent posts with funny and impossible topics.

Fake facebook look websites, apps for facebook, and more over actual look like facebook with more editing features are rising and becoming more and more popular. We will see such a site only which helps us in creating funny facebook posts. Using this site one can create.

  • Fake Facebook wall posts.
  • Fake Status Update.
  • Fake Relationship status.
  • Fake likes.
  • Fake events and more…

How to create funny facebook posts, likes, status and more:

How to create funny facebook posts-2

  • The Wall Machine ia a website which helps to create fake facebook wall posts.
  • Click on Connect button on this website by entering your id , details and allow this site to access your Facebook profile.
  • Now you can see a fake facebook wall, Click on any thing, Everything is customizable and its very easy.
  • Scroll down to get many options like updating fake relationship status, Likes, Relationship status and more.
  • It also gives link for your fake facebook posts and also gives you an option to save it.
  • To make it simple, just take a screen capture and upload it on your facebook profile to make your friends amaze.

That’s it, now you can create fake/funny facebook posts as this website will help you in creating such posts.

Did You Know:

  • First account in Facebook is not of Mark Zuckerberg’s account.
  • Facebook has more than One billion active users.
  • About 600+ million People are using the Facebook in Mobile Devices.

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