How to cut mp3’s using VLC Player

How to cut mp3's using VLC Player

It is very strange to hear that our VLC Player can cut your MP3’s for various purpose such as making ring-tone’s for your Phone’s. Along with Playing videos on our Vlc Media Player we can use it for cutting Audio File’s on our Computer’s or Laptop’s. It has the inbuilt capacity to cut a mp3 or other audio files for which you install different Software’s.

It is a great advantage that our mp3’s can be cut with the help of Vlc Player which avoids installing different types of softwares for cutting mp3 or audio files. Having this facility in our Vlc player itself gives us advantage of saving our Hard-Disk Space instead of installing different types of software on our computer’s or Laptop’s. So lets get started with this trick on:

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How to cut mp3’s using VLC Player:

  • Download and install Vlc player.
  • Now open VLC player and Click on Media and select Open File.
  • Now you will be prompted to browse and add the song you wish to cut.How to cut mp3's using VLC Player 1
  • Now Click on “View” (VLC top menu) and Select “Advanced Controls”.
  • Once selected you will see advanced controls at the bottom of VLC player (a red record icon).How to cut mp3's using VLC Player 2
  • Now select beginning point by dragging the slider and click on red record button to begin recording.
  • Now the song will be recorded which will make your ring-tone.How to cut mp3's using VLC Player 3
  • To stop it you have to Click on “Stop” or the “same red record button”.

Now you have recorded your file and it is time for you to play it. For this you have to find the file first and the files is normally stored in C:Users\Your_System_Name\MyMusic or Music.

By following the above steps, you can cut any audio or MP3 song using VLC player. This is the easiest way to cut MP3 and the best part is you don’t even require to download external tools as VLC is quiet popular among Windows users and majority of users use it as their primary video and audio player.

Did you Know :

  • By pressing [ Ctrl + ← or → (back arrow or front arrow)] together you can easily move your video backward or forward on your vlc player.
  • By pressing [ Ctrl + ↑ or ↓ (up arrow or down arrow)] together you can easily increase on decrease volume of your vlc player.

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