How to delete your Facebook account

How to delete your Facebook account

Most of the Facebook users face the problem to delete their facebook  Account as Facebook has given the option of Deactivating their account, instead of deleting their account which seems quiet confusing to the Facebook users. To delete your Facebook Account completely you have to follow these steps.

Users of Facebook deactivate their Account and think that their Account has been deleted from Facebook but which is not done.As Facebook gives their users to Derivative their Account as they do not want to loose their users so easily. Your Facebook Account can be activated again on facebook just by entering your contact details like your Full name, Address ,Email-id and so on. As your facebook provides you with the details of activating your account again on Facebook.

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What is the main difference between deleting a facebook account and Deactivating a facebook account?

Deactivate Account: Deactivating is closing your account for sometime until you activate it again on facebook as it gives your facebook Account back. While this is the main advantage which is given by Facebook to you. You can think this as advantage or disadvantage but this is a service which Facebook provides to their users. Facebook is a Social Network which keeps you connected from your loved ones and it also gives you updates of their activities and updates.

Delete Account: Deleting refers to completely removing your account from facebook and it cannot be activated again even if you want to as your account is deleted. If you want to get completely removed from Facebook, then this option is best for you, but your contacts and your friends list will also be deleted and you will never get your Account back on Facebook.

How to Deactivate your Facebook account:

  • Login to your accountwith your Id and Password.
  • Goto Facebook Menu Bar And Click on Settings.

How to delete your Facebook account - 1

  • Now click on Security and then Click on Deactivate your account.How to delete your Facebook account - 2
  • Now it will ask you for a Reason (Select any) and click on Confirm.
  • Then it will ask for your Password → Enter your Password → Click on Deactivate Now.How to delete your Facebook account - 3

How To Completely Delete Your Facebook Profile (Timeline):

  • Goto
  • Fill your Email Address and Facebook Password.
  • Click on Login.
  • Goto this Page: Facebook Delete Account.( Works Perfectly on Computer )
  • Click on Delete Account.
  • Now your account will be deleted and you will have no longer access to your Facebook account or Timeline. Now you can use your Email ID to create a new Facebook Account.

Note: Delete option will erase you and everything of yours from Facebook.

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