How to Delete your Viber Account

How to Delete your Viber Account

Creating a new Account on Viber and Using it for few Days is common for many of the users Using Viber. Whereas, Creating an Account on Viber is done very easily i.e. by Google or a Facebook Sign-in, but delete/deactivation of Such Account becomes quite difficult as the Service Providers don’t want to loose their users. Such Accounts can cause you some trouble if they are not used often by you.  

We feel great when these type of Accounts are Created because they provide many types of New Services. We may use it for some day and might get bored of it, as they may lack to give some of the Services which other apps can provide easily. It will be good if you Deactivate/Delete the Account, if you are not using that app anymore as it will avoid the risk of Mis-use with your Personal Information. So delete the Account of such apps if you are not using it anymore.

How to Deactivate/Delete your Viber Account

1. Open your Viber app on your Android/iphone/Windows Mobile.

2. At the Bottom-Right of the Screen, you will see the ‘More’ Option.

3. Tap on ‘More’ in Options and Select ‘Settings’.

4. Now Tap on ‘Privacy’ and Select ‘Deactivate Account’.

5. After this only you should Delete your Account.

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