How to find admin of a facebook page

Facebook is a very big social website which is connected with millions of people around the web where we can find lots of stuffs like playing games, education, entertainment, and more. Facebook keeps you connected with your friends, family and many more peoples

Many a times when we like someone’s post now and then. We become curious to know that who is behind that page, who is operating it.

How to find Admin of Facebook page

  1. Log-in to your account with your ID and Password.
  2. Go to the facebook page you want to find the admin of that page.
  3. Click on Info which is to the left below of the profile picture of the page.
  4. If the page is linked to a website, you can see the website address or email address of the page admin.
  5. If there is email address, Just copy the email address and put it in search bar of facebook, then you can see the admin profile of that page.
  6. If there is only website address, Go to the webpage and try to find the contact information and get the email address.
  7. Now find the Admin’s contact details.

Now you can have the details of your admin . contact him to be more touch with him.

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