How to find who unfriend me on facebook

How to find Who Unfriend me in Facebook

Making friends on facebook is a good hobby and it also raises your popularity day-by-day. But many time most of our friends unfriend us and we also don’t know the reason why!!! We become curious in knowing the reason behind it and who Unfriend US ?

Some friends accept the request and others rejects it. Facebook gives us the options to check how many requests we send, How many friend request got accepted, How many request didn’t got accepted by me and more. We can find these stuffs in Activity log of our profile but when a friend unfriend us from their friends list, facebook does not gives any notification about it. But still we have a way to find who unfriend us on facebook.

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How to find who unfriend me on facebook:

  • There are many indirect apps developers for facebook who helps facebook users a lot to feel comfortable to use facebook.
  • There is an extension which shows who unfriend you on facebook and also this extension gives more information about pending friend request and more for you.
  • It is extension for Google Chrome users called Unfriend Notify
  • You can search for other alerts also, as there are many.

Did You Know: 

  • Facebook is not Mark Zuckerberg’s idea. It was stolen by him from some people who tried to hire Zuckerberg.
  • Facebook was almost shut down by a lawsuit who claimed that Zuckerburg stole the idea and Technology for Facebook.

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