How to flip your text on facebook and everywhere

How to flip your text on facebook and everywhere

It is cool if some-one asks you something on Facebook which you want to hear and imagine that he asks you that thing on your wall then you will try to answer it in a cool manner. So Lets check out something that lets you do so and you can use Flip your text upside-down everywhere on Facebook in your style.

You can flip your text where-ever you want to on facebook by using the Fliptext. You can post your comment, you can update your status, you can reply to your friends, you can message your loved one’s by using Fliptext. The major advantage of fliptext is that you can use it not only on facebook but where-ever you want to and it is absolutely Free of cost. The main Advantage of flip text is that you can save your different types of password by using it. Let’s see how to use this tremendous innovation:

How to flip your text on facebook and everywhere:

How to flip your text on facebook and everywhere

  • Go-to Fliptext official site.
  • Type your desired Text in the first Text area.
  • By clicking on ‘ Flip ‘ your desired text will be Fliipped.
  • Now just copy it and paste it on your status of Facebook or anywhere you want.
  • Now you can save your passwords also by using Fliptext.

Looks like this way →

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It is good trick to use Fliptext as you can save your important documents by flipping it without damaging or caqusing it harm or providing any type of damage to your document’s text.

Note: You can also flip your text for Comments to your friends.

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