How to format a computer with new Windows 7

How to format a computer with Windows 7
Windows 7 is most popular Operating System after Windows XP. Windows 7 users are also increasing day by day. Windows 7 is highly use-full and more reliable then Windows XP. So you can also be one of them by following some simple steps.

If you have your Original Windows 7 or It is easy to have a copy of windows 7 as Microsoft is providing Free of Cost Officially, you can get it here on → How to download Original windows 7 officiallyAfter getting it you should know that how to install it on your computer, you can install it from usb or your Bootable disk of Windows 7. You can also learn making a bootable disk here → How to make a bootable usb with windows 7.

First, insert your Windows 7 Bootable Disk into your dvd drive or you can insert your Bootable USB and reboot your PC .

Note: It is highly recommended that you use an original Windows 7 CD.

  • While your PC is rebooting, you will be prompted to ” Press any key to boot from CD…” Just press any key there.


  • After you press any key, windows will load installation files of it.

  • Now, your Windows 7 setup will start.

  • Then select your language, time format and keyboard input (Leave it default as – US).

  • Then click on Next.

  • Further, Click Install Now to proceed.

  • Select I accept the license terms and click Next.



  • If you are upgrading from Windows Vista or XP and you want windows 7 then you have to select Custom (Advanced).

Note: If you want a Fresh copy of your Windows 7 then you should select – Custom (advanced).

→ Usually, Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 is not available. Click Custom (Advanced).


  • Select the Partition where you want to install Windows 7 and click Next. You will need at least
    6 GB free space.5

Note: It is good to install Windows in C Drive (Type: System).

  • If you want to format the partition, go to Drive options and format your drive and then you can install your copy of windows.6
  • After you format the drive, Select the partition then press Next, Windows 7 Installation will begin. Approximately it will take about 30 min to finish, depending on your computer speed.
  • 7Now your computer will reboot, since the Windows 7 DVD boot disk is still in the drive, the message press any key to boot from DVD will appear. We already did that, so this time DO NOT press anything. Just wait 5 sec and your PC will continue booting and finish installing your operating system.


Note: Users installing from USB Drives can remove their USB after 1st reboot.


  • Finally! Insert your name (this will be your windows username) and click on Next.10

  • Enter the Values according your preferences and complete the Settings.11

  • That’s it. Now insert your computer manufacturer drivers CD and install drivers.

Note: You can also download your drivers from the net also.

That’s all, your new windows 7 computer is ready to use.Now install your Drivers and Software’s to use your new Windows 7 Operating System.

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